Tuesday First Page Meme (120219)

on-election-night-june-12-2014-at-the-beach-with-marcella-bren-and-barbaraI’d Rather be at the Beach is the name of the blog I’m linking up with. It’s also my reality (I do live in the land of 365 white sand beaches after all)…but unfortunately I have deadlines and an inbox that feels like being stuck in quicksand. So, because books and blogging make me happy, I’m taking a time out to do just that (and maybe take the pressure off) with IRBATB’s Meme –  First Chapter First Paragraph Tuesday Intros.


Last night, I finished and blogged my review of Colleen Smith-Dennis’ Inner City Girl (so check that out) and moved my review of Storm: Prelude to the Wedding of the Century (check that out if you haven’t already) to its own page. You might also be interested (especially if you’re in Antigua) in my review in the first CREATIVE SPACE of 2019 of Honey Bee Theatre’s The Long Walk which I saw this past weekend, posting as well some of the lessons from the play.


As for the book I’m meme-ing today, no it’s not Marlon James’ new epic which I hyped up on the Wadadli Pen Blog (I don’t have that one yet), I haven’t started it as yet but I plucked Elaine Everest’s Wartime at Woolworth’s which I won on facebook from my shelf after finishing Inner City Girl. There’s such a joyful feeling at this point in the reading process when you haven’t started yet and it’s all possibility. Let me savour that feeling for a minute… … … okay… here we go.


November 1944.

‘You really need to be home putting your feet up,’ Betty Billington tutted at her friend, Sarah Gilbert. ‘How long is it until this baby’s due? I really can’t keep up with all the baby news amongst my friends,’ she added, a slight twinge of sadness in her voice. She so longed to be like her younger friends who were able to bring new lives into the world, but as quickly as those thoughts had come to mind she pushed them away again.

‘I have two months to go, as you well know, Betty. You seem to be so forgetful these days,’ Sarah joshed.

Another sign of my advancing years, Betty thought before giving herself a quiet shake to remember to stop being so miserable. She had much to be grateful for. With the war now in its fifth year she was blessed to know that her friends and family were still alive, despite Hitler’s attempts to prove otherwise. ‘I do feel you should be at home all the same, rather than here giving me a hand. Not that I’m not grateful,’ she added quickly.

‘Betty, if I don’t feel the ticket, I’ll take myself off home…’

That’s all you get; that’s page 1.

Remember to check out the links, check out my books, explore the site (including new-ish posts like The Perfect Victim); I try to keep it interesting for you.


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