She’s Royal #s 1-10

The purpose of this journey (me, profiling royal women over a span of 10 weeks, give or take) was to tell stories of royal women often overlooked by Hollywood – They love to tell a royal tale, only it’s the same royals, the same tales, over and over. Hollywood can’t continue to give the British royals all the shine. I mean, they will but they have no excuse; not with all these stories out there and these women featured these 10 weeks being only a small handful of the stories out there for the telling. If you missed any of the entries, no worries; you can now revisit all the royals.
Photo of Queen Nzinga of Angola (She’s Royal #1 – Queen Nzinga)
Nora(She’s Royal #2 – Nora Baker, the spy princess)
HolyMakeda (She’s Royal #3 – Queen Makeda)

dahomey-girl  (She’s Royal #4 – God Speaks True)
nandi_de_zululand   (She’s Royal #5 – Nandi)

queen-mary    (She’s Royal #6 – Queen Mary)

agnes   (She’s Royal #7 – Black Agnes)   lozen (She’s Royal #8 – Lozen)

nanny    (She’s Royal #9 – Nanny, Queen of the Maroons)

Honolulu (She’s Royal #10 – Queen Lili’uokalani)

ana (She’s Royal #Extra – Queen Anacaona)

And if you’re still in the mood for royalty after all that; check out my post on Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin. I understand her movie is in the works.


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