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I just got off the phone with a prospective client and followed up with her via email re an estimate on her project, and I’m using her as an entry point to this post because of her apologetically insisting that she knew I was busy but wanted to know if I was available to edit her project. Yes. The schedule is what it is when you’re juggling the creative and the commercial. Things slip through the cracks, are sometimes deferred, or have to be turned down, and projects I take on have to be queued up. But I’m always open to at least consider opportunities. I am a working writer (which in my particular case means that beyond my own writing); I make my living as a freelance provider of writing and writing related services. Writing is my passion but it’s also the work. So by all means hit me up.

Two emails re my editing services on two very different projects received this past week – and now excerpted in my performance reviews – are quoted below:

“I thought you worked very well to help her strengthen the character development and it was certainly a much stronger novel when you were through… I will happily recommend you to anyone who comes to me looking for an editor.” – publisher who recently contracted my book editing services.

“As I begin to review and apply your edits, I want to compliment and thank you for the fine job you have done with my text. As someone who reads a lot, I now understand why many authors are so effusive in thanking their editors in the acknowledgements. I found your suggestions to be thoughtful, and accurate. Your rearrangement of the sentences in my [redacted] segment is a good example. You significantly improved the impact of my own words by skillfully, as a writer, applying your objective, yet appreciative grasp what I was trying to express.” – amateur writer who reached out to me to edit a longform essay. now , from an amateur writer who reached out to me to edit a longform essay.

I mention that the latter was a long form essay to underscore that I edit all types of projects big or small (for clients anywhere in the world) – because this is another thing a prospective client said, they thought their project might be too small or not the type of project I usually take on. Never know unless you ask – and my freelancing journey has been filled with many instances of, you never know until you try. That one was a recipe book by the way – and not my first one.

So, for an idea of my services and projects (so far), follow the links.

While we’re here and talking writing business, I spent a part of yesterday rebuilding my mailing list for the Jhohadli Writing Project as I begin teasing the 2019 edition of the Jhohadli Summer Youth Writing Project. teaser flyer 2Pass this flyer on if you’re in Antigua and Barbuda – there will be a fee attached but I will try (as I always do) to keep it within reach and JSYWP has accepted funding in the past to be able to offer scholarships to those who can’t pay. Let’s make it happen. I have benefited from workshops over the years and I am working with a mentor right now – it is invaluable.

Finally, I have my latest CREATIVE SPACE outing scheduled for early this coming week. That said, the continuation of this series is dependent on dollar$ (coverage takes time and time is money) – so I continue to reach out to companies doing business in Antigua and Barbuda to advertise. This is an arts and culture platform and as news services continue to contract, we need to support independent reporting where we can.

Here’s where you’ll find my CV and portfolio.

Of course, you know I’m about that writing life, so here’s where you can find my books, my short fiction, and my poetry as well.

Finally, if you’re still reading, remember to #readAntiguaBarbuda #voteAntiguaBarbuda before the end of March (and you don’t have to be Antiguan and Barbudan to do so) – my book Lost! A Caribbean Sea Adventure is in the runningLost Cover Front 4 – and it is being run by the Wadadli Youth Pen Prize project which I founded and coordinate so I’m really just encouraging you to vote for any of the books in the running. The winning author will have a prize of books up to EC$800 (thanks to donors) plus a thesaurus (thanks to another donor) gifted in their name by Wadadli Pen to either their alma mater here in Antigua and Barbuda or a school of their choice also in Antigua and Barbuda.

54517724_10155754642596148_4656670135791124480_n (1)

I just remembered an interesting exchange with a writer-friend on a radio show this week promoting the Readers’ Choice Book of the Year initiative. I won’t recount the exchange but I will say this, circling back to the original purpose of this post, I’m still out here doing this, improbable as it is. Working writer; writer at work. If you need me (wherever you are; whatever the size of your project), contact me.

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