Project Sample – the Sally series (#onthehustle)

If you’ve been here before you know that I am an author of several books of fiction (plus numerous short stories and poems) and that that (creative writing) is my passion; and you hopefully also know by now that I freelance as a writer, editor, writing coach, and course/workshop facilitator – a title that broadly tries to capture the range of interesting opportunities I’ve had to apply my training, skills, and experience (in mass communication and creative writing) to client projects. It’s always challenging and the best ones are never boring.

The writing of the Sally series certainly wasn’t and I’ve now added it to my Publications and Projects page, which serves as my online portfolio (re my writing, editing, and related services).


The Sally series of 2015 was a content creation project focused on the impact of climate change in a small island community – which I approached as a creative writing challenge exploring the seriousness of the issue and empowering the characters and hopefully the readers with community solutions. I always love working on environmental projects because it is so important, and it’s a challenge of finding a way to communicate that importance to folks who, like me and Sally, have bills to pay. It was meant to be serialized across various media platforms (and, as I was formatting it for posting here it occurred to me that it had potential as a video series as well). The realization of the potential of any project hangs on so many variables, of which the content creator is only one part – though it begins with you trying to get your message right.  You can judge for yourself if I did as I’ve gathered the Sally series in full here for the first time.

Give it a read.

This post was inspired in part by a potential client who asked to see samples of my work. Whether I get that gig or not, it seemed a good opportunity to remind other potential clients (companies, non-profits, individuals – big, small – local, multinational, global) that, if you need someone with my skills, you can check out some of what I’ve done and some of what my clients have had to say about some of it.

Then, of course, contact me to discuss your project.

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