This post is a catch-all

The Writing Journey continues

A new adventure awaits. I’ve been invited to present at two panels at the Sharjah International Book Fair.

I’m also scheduled for a school visit (so I’ll get to see first hand if children in the United Arab Emirates can connect with With Grace and Lost! A Caribbean Sea Adventure). I have to credit the New Daughters of Africa global anthology for this opportunity as I was recommended to be a part of their panel at the Book Fair, subsequent to which the organizers invited me to participate in a panel on young adult literature. Here I go.

Site updates

The Appearances page has been updated with this pending event.

The Performance Reviews page has been updated, meanwhile, with the latest feedback from “A very satisfied client.”  Let me know if you need my services via the contact button on the page.

The current CREATIVE SPACE main page features the winning designer in the Antigua and Barbuda Independence Fashion Show, and she also happens to be my niece. Check her out.

Also this Independence season, my nephew participated in his first schools panorama – they didn’t win the prize, but their hard work, composure, and execution won my heart.

The Willow Bend Endorsements and Reviews page has been updated with an old review of sorts – it’s about that time an Italian student reached out to me about the book which she had come across in a course she was taking at the University of Pisa. In actual Italy. This was my first book and I had so many questions… like how?…and what? Writing and publishing, man, it’s an odd journey; you write these words and you never know where they’re going to land.

What I’ve watched

I’ve been talking up Eddie Murphy’s Dolemite (on Netflix) because it is da bomb. I’ll just tell you what I shared on social media with a friend who asked about the Rudy Ray Moore biopic’s Oscar chances: I mean comedy rarely gets recognized, so who knows but it’s Eddie’s best performance in years in my opinion, the ensemble has a lot of chemistry, the movie is mad entertaining…and oddly inspiring. My third Netflix rec without reservation this year after When They See Us and Unbelievable.

I also thought Always be my Maybe (with Keanu Reeves) was fun. So, there you have it, the best of my year in Netflix so far for 2019 .

I don’t remember where I caught it but Ice T’s (not new) doc Something from Nothing: the Art of Rap was a treat for this hip hop head. I need to keep an ear out for the soundtrack.

From YouTube, I wanted to share this doc on Madame C J Walker

– the first female, African-American millionaire because I got the sense when I shared my review of a book on her life that many of my visitors hadn’t really heard of her before. So, if I’m right about that, I’m hoping you’ll watch the video and re-visit the review. And if I’m wrong, watch the vid and revisit the review anyway.

Finally, I caught one and some of the new Watchmen series. I mostly tuned in to the pilot episode for Regina King but it grabbed me, and yet I fell asleep twice trying to watch episode 2 – no fault of the series (all me). I’m behind on so many of my series at this point that who knows what this means but I’ll keep it on my watch list.

What I’m reading

As I’m only 245 pages in to New Daughters of Africa and I’m a part of a contributor panel this week; so, I have my reading assignment. That aside, the only thing I finished lately is (not a book hence why I’m not adding it to Blogger on Books) Benjy by Olive Senior from her book the Commonwealth Award winning Summer Lightning and Other Stories. It’s actually shameful that I haven’t read this since Olive was one of my first workshop facilitators.

Meeting Olive Senior again, 2016, at the BIM lit fest.

My only excuse (and I’m not saying it’s a good one) is too many books too little time. Anyway, I loved Benjy (actual title: The Boy who Loved Ice Cream), which I discovered in a workshop last year; it’s about a boy who goes with his family to the village fair with nothing but his first taste of ice cream on his mind, I mean obsessively so, in the way a child wantswantswants. His father is similarly obsessed with his distrust and jealousy of the boy’s mother – their obsessions clash at a climatic point in the story. It is a master class in tension and warring desires.

What I’m writing

I’m actually revisiting a play (with specific purpose) at the moment and got a fair amount of work done on it at the hair salon recently; who knew the salon could be conducive to writing?

For much of the year, I’ve been trying to sneak my writing moments. I benefited from being a part of the mentorship programme sponsored by Commonwealth Writers for the first half of the year, working on new pieces and revisiting older pieces – submitting etc. I’ve maintained contact with my mentor – he’s tough but be also believes in my writing (he has asserted as much and I’m choosing to believe him) and that’s been a boon through rejections and other trials. The work continues.

This is my Sunday Post.

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