I did my first facebook live event – an AMA and giveaway of the Musical Youth second edition (pictured) and hard cover copies of Musical Youth and Lost! A Caribbean Sea Adventure – in December 2019. Today, mid-way through my birthday week (a January 2020 literary gift) that giveaway came full circle (or at least one-third full circle) with the recipient of Lost! posting this publicly on facebook.

“my children absolutely loved it…especially knowing that it has a Caribbean flavour.”

I absolutely loved this. #soadorbs

Also, so appreciated, because one of the most important things you can do for writers – in addition to reading us, of course; is share the love (from reader reviews, the only reviews I have ever really been able to count on as a writer from a small place, to images like this one of children reading something I wrote – you have no idea how much that means).

I’ve uploaded the live to my youtube channel, so please do check that out. Subscribe to the channel; I hope to do more with it. And I hope you’ll check out my books. I appreciate you.

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