Books on the Table

This is a 2019 picture from Booker Prize winning author Marlon James’ book signing event at Best of Books bookstore (almost the last bookshop standing and a Wadadli Youth Pen Prize partner) in Antigua. The books on the table are his books Black Leopard Red Wolf which I am reading (again, still) and A Brief History of Seven Killings which I believe I had him sign (read my review here) – that’s the one the Jamaica-born, US-based writer won the Booker and about every other major prize for. That book at his left elbow is Chinua Achebe, I believe; I believe the late Nigerian writer’s The Beautiful Ones are Not Yet Born which I have not yet read (though I think I have it). To the left of that is UK born writer of Antiguan descent, also resident in Antigua, Brenda Lee Browne’s London Rocks (read my review here) – she had the distinction of interviewing Marlon at his Evening With event the night before.  Anyway, this is a book blog and, those are the books on the table and that was my excuse to share this image (lol).  While we’re here though, recent reviews posted – i.e. books finished for January 2020 (click the titles for the reviews) – are Antiguan and Barbudan graphic novel August Issue #1 story by Fallen Angel T. J. G. (with illustrations by Sonalli Andrews), the UK set Wartime at Woolworth by Elaine Everest, and the children’s book Buzz and Bingo in the Monster Maze by Alan Durant and Sholto Walker from UK publisher Harper Collins’ Big Cat series. My eyes are bugging and life is bugging out so my reading has slowed to a trickle but reading is my happy place so it will never stall entirely. My other happy place is writing and I was jazzed to get a major submission off this week, whatever happens, I had to shut down and do some major surgery on a script so I felt happy to hit send on that one; and I’m in the early stages of a new children’s book publishing project so I have some work to do on that (I have deadlines, people; lol).

Anyway, this image did get me thinking of the writing journey (what doesn’t right?) my own journey as a writer and the writers I’ve met along the way (have you visited that photo gallery here on the blog?). Specifically it had me thinking of the places I’ve been fortunate to visit as the linked images were taken, variously, in Sharjah (UAE), Scotland (UK), New York, Antigua (that’s home), Jamaica, Guyana, Barbados, St. Croix, Anguilla, Guadeloupe, Dominica, Vermont, Trinidad, Florida…whatever happens next I will never stop being thankful and looking forward to more travels and more encounters. #TheWritingLife

This is not strictly speaking a month wrap up – there is so much else I have queued up to share, I just can’t get to it right now – but it’ll do for now (or it’ll have to). Linking up, anyway, to Feed Your Fiction Addiction’s Wrap up Round up because it’s one I haven’t done before and … new things.

3 thoughts on “Books on the Table

  1. Meeting authors is always fun and always makes me nervous–I turn into a babbling person. I’m trying new things too and trying to figure out what makes the best picture books and how to balance text with leaving room for the art to show the story.

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