Things Today

Three things…

Our airport closes at midnight this Thursday.

I am listening to Stephen King’s The Dark Tower Book 3 (which I’m 99.99999 percent sure I read back in uni when I read the series but I remember liking the series, so)

I did one of those online personality tests (turns out I’m introverted, turbulent, intuitive, feeling, prospective -in that order, and that my strategy is constant improvement…which, I mean, sure)

What’s up where you are?


It’s late Thursday night as I write this on a night, in a time when it feels like the rules of reality are changing? Hopefully we can be a little less distant sooner rather than later. Meanwhile, thank God for books, eh?

And for the ‘discovery’ of new book memes like Lynn’s Book Blog Friday Face-Off. which invites participants to share book covers guided by specific themes. This week is a freebie, so I’ll share the covers of the last two books I reviewed (Guabancex ,  a Celia Sorhaindo poetry collection about and inspired by Dominica’s experience of hurricane Maria, which uses a satellite image of hurricane Maria as its cover, and An American Marriage, a Tayari Jones Oprah and Obama book club pick); a cover of a book about which I interviewed the author recently (Happy, Okay?); and the cover of a the forthcoming edition of a literary journal (Interviewing the Caribbean) which uses the cover of one of my picture books (With Grace), and the picture book cover for reference. Click the title above or each cover for the review, interview, and more about the journal and book, respectively. This post includes two illustrators I’ve worked with (the Interviewing the Caribbean cover is by my cover artist and illustrator for With Grace, Cherise Harris, of Barbados, and the Happy? Okay cover is by Trinidad and Tobago’s Danielle Boodoo Fortune, the illustrator of my other children’s book Lost! A Caribbean Sea Adventure which is set in the waters around Antigua and Barbuda where I live) – look for their names, look for my name (I have a wikipedia entry now and everything) and my books, look for books you have been meaning to read by any artist, sales and royalties needed now more than ever.

Guabancex cover Happy Okay

IC With Grace

This post is also a good fit, I think, for Connect 5 Friday, so I’ll link it with that as well.







7 thoughts on “Things Today

  1. Thanks for linking up. If your airport is closing down is that part of the virus lock down? We are in lock down although our airport is still allowing citizens in. I did read An American Marriage. I actually like the cover on the right more for that one.

    • Well, we are not officially in lockdown. We can still move about but we’ve been asked to socially distance and no group gatherings over 25. BUT the airport closure means we are closing our borders. Tourism is our main industry so it’s a hard blow to almost every industry on the island but our cases doubled in a day and it’s primarily from people coming in and we are a small island country which would be hard pressed to manage if this gets out of control. So, yeah, the island is closed for now. Re An American Marriage and its cover, I think the author did too.

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