Updates to the Blog (060920)

Here’s my Sunday blog (link-up with the Caffeinated Reviewer).

Blog features

New CREATIVE SPACEs have tackled history (literally) and food (culturally).

New Blogger on Bookses have talked about To Shoot Hard Labour, a post-slavery narrative out of Antigua and Barbuda that should be required reading locally, and is highly recommended no matter where you are, and Black Brother Black Brother by African-American authorJewell Parker Rhodes.

Excerpt of my review of the latter: ‘It is a bit of teen hubris to seek out a former Olympian to coach him through his schoolyard troubles but the use of fencing as a motif and a plot device is inspired and effective. Parker Rhodes gives insight to the history of the sport described by Donte as “athletic chess” giving it and the story a wider social context even as she makes it personal to the boy who identifies it as “my superpower”. Like Neo in The Matrix, he can read and anticipate the code. “I can see, feel the foil’s power.”’

ETA: Since initially posting this, I finished The Girl from Everywhere by Heidi Heilig; my quick take review is linked here. Spoiler alert: I liked it.

Speaking of book recs, I made a Litreactor list of Black Authors You Should Read. Also happy for the shout outs. Speaking of, I’ve added the link to the shout outs section of my media page.

Bonus – what I’m watching

Still enjoying The Old Guard, so much so I’ve checked out some other films by cast member Marwan Kenzari (not Alladin, but The Angel and The Promise, both based on bleak true stories, and the decidedly not based on a true story re-watch of sci fi flick What Happened to Monday?)

I finally got around to seeing The Dark Tower movie. I’ve long been a fan of the Stephen King book series but previews of the film didn’t tickle me. Having now seen it, I’ll say that if this had just been a movie and not having to live up to The Dark Tower series it would be quite good – the performances are okay especially Matthew McConaughey (whom I’m not usually a fan of) and Idris (whom I am though he is not Roland ), and the kid who plays Jake (though the changing pitch of his changing voice is sometimes distracting). Unlike the King series, the movie didn’t feel unique but it was entertaining notwithstanding a fairly formulaic execution. My re-read of The Waste Lands was miles more exciting though.

The other recent-ish watch that comes to mind is a Holocaust film, which I think was an 80s TV movie but which I saw on Netflix,  Playing for Time. A haunting film.

How about you? What are you reading, watching…how’re you being?

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