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One of the booktube channels I follow, Books are My Social Life, just announced a Fortnite Frights read-a-long. As Saajid, the Trinidadian booktuber, says, we’re not traditionally a Halloween culture here in the Caribbean – in fact, when I was growing up in Antigua, Halloween season was actually Guy Fawkes season (technically another imported tradition given the influence of our former British overlords). We lit starlites and bombs (i.e. fireworks); my mom says in her time there was bonfires (with lit tires, I think). Now, with the younger ones, US Halloween is a thing – parties and even some trick or treating and dressing up because in the Caribbean US cultural penetration is a thing beginning with the horror movies that cable TV beamed in to our homes every October when I was growing up. As I said in the comments over at Books are My Social Life, I’m not sure I’ll be able to participate in the read-a-long (though it’s “no challenges or anything like that, all you have to do is read diversely and read spooky books”) but it’s interesting to me that I bumped in to it right as I’m reading a rare Caribbean horror (so I already have the jump on the mood at least). The book is set in Trinidad actually. Greyborn Rising by Derry Sandy. Really enjoying it so far – no spoilers but so far it’s had everything from soucouyants to jumbies, secret societies, obeah, sentient beasts, sentient houses, poltergeists, zombies, loup garoux, clairvoyance, soul travelling…gangs…and an epic span from slavery to modern times. Sounds like a lot but so far it’s not too much. Just enough actually. It really moves (plot and action wise) and the characters are interesting.

Of the books listed for the read-a-long When No One is Watching by Alyssa Cole grabbed my interest. I may add to my (already very long) TBR.

Spooky books aside, I finished a book this past week (yaaay). Which means *new review alert* you can read what I thought about Inferno by Dan Brown here.

Before I go, here are three in case you missed them posts from the blogs:

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TTFN. Linking to Mailbox Monday because even though I’m still working my way through books in hand (no new books for me) doesn’t mean I can’t engage in a bit of book envy.

How about you? Anything thrilling on your current reading list?

5 thoughts on “Scary Stuff

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  2. Hi – Glad to see you at MM.
    Greyborn Rising sounds like it is full of good scary things.
    I join the FraterFest week of scariness next weekend. I’ve lined up several shorter horror stories… several are zombie.
    Enjoy your reading!

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