I won a Grant; Now Ask Me Anything

ETA video on November 17th 2020.

I applied for and won a Catapult Caribbean Creative Online grant to produce a video presentation of my work. To put this video together, I need your help. Read to the end to find out how. But first, I want to say thanks to Catapult for both the financial and virtual boost.

From the Catapult website: “The goal of Caribbean Creative Online is to increase artists’ visibility in the online arena, raise their comfort level with performing in the digital space, and support artists financially during the pandemic by allowing them to earn from online activities. The programme also seeks to maintain and enhance artists’ visibility, allowing a global audience to be introduced to, and support new artists during this period. The programme targets individuals exploring the critical key themes of culture, human rights, gender, LGBTQIA+,. and climate justice which are so relevant to the region.”

Here’s where you come in.

Ask me Anything about any short story, poem, book, or other writing of mine – and request a reading of a favourite excerpt. I will read and discuss, answering as many of your questions as the video length allows. I won’t be able to answer all but I’ll answer what I can. I only have 40-60 minutes. So I will have to do some curating, keeping “the critical key themes” in mind. The questions should be related to story, theme, and craft. If this interests you, post your questions in the comments or upload as video and tag me. Optionally, send to jhohadli@gmail.com subject line JCH AMA. Your video MAY be incorporated in to the final presentation and your (online) name may be used in my responses. Send by November 4th 2020. If there’s an excerpt of any of my work you’d like to hear let me know that too. I also plan to take a scary step out on a limb and share a sample from my collection in progress.

To make sure you don’t miss the video, subscribe and hit the notification bell at AntiguanWriter on YouTube where the final video will be posted.

As I work (with your help) to make this video happen, I want to thank Catapult partners
the American Friends of Jamaica,
Kingston Creative,

Fresh Milk Barbados, and whomever selected me, and the other grantees whose videos I look forward to seeing.

Thanks in advance for your questions.

4 thoughts on “I won a Grant; Now Ask Me Anything

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  2. From Musical Youth – I loved the many local musical references, but did you research the many other references (including those referenced in the back and forth between Zahara and Shaka), or did you already know most of them?
    Also, did/do you hang around young people in order to make sure you had their current slangs/manner of speaking (unlike Mr. Perry) down pat?
    Can you please read the paragraph:
    “She thought he was magnificent, and it had nothing to do with his colour. It was his eyes… (Well you know the rest). 😊

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