What’s On @ AntiguanWriter

Without counting, I feel I’ve uploaded more videos to my youtube channel this year than any year previous. I hope you’ll stop by and help blow up my numbers by viewing, liking, subscribing, and sharing. Here’s a sample of what has been posted this 2020.

This is an excerpt of my story Carnival Hangover, the complete version of which you can now read or listen to in full at intersectantigua.com and soundcloud.
In an effort to engage more with the booktube community, I did the authortube newbie hashtag.
This snippet (just before lockdown in Antigua) from when I won the first Women of Wadadli – Literature award. Implausibly, this was also 2020.
Me ‘reading in bed’ during lockdown. Listen for an excerpt from my story The Night the World Ended.
The Caribbean Writer invited past published writers to read at its virtual event which substituted for the literary festival and journal launch. I read my first TCW published story Rhythms and, keeping with the pan motif in the story, the poem Ode to the Pan Man.
During Independence weekend in Antigua-Barbuda, I participated in my first public book event since lockdown at the Best of Books bookstore. This is a video snippet from that event.
That time I was asked by the St. Lucia tourist board to be a part of their lockdown Caribcation Caribbean (virtual) writers series.
That time I was invited by Intersect Antigua to participate in their instagram live conversations series.

And there’s more, visit AntiguanWriter on YouTube to view. I’ll end with this one though.

My #Catapultartsgrant funded Caribbean Creatives Online video. Which involved me gathering questions via social media and recording my answers. The recording went better than anticipated (even with me having to record a part 2 to cover some material I’d missed) but the compiling and editing took many attempts and one complete do-over over a couple of weeks, plus two days, I did not exaggerate, uploading. So please watch, like, share, subscribe…all that good stuff.

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