This is not a Test

I wanted to drop a quick note to share that CREATIVE SPACE continues to grow. This week I talked with graphic designer Sonalli Andrews about the art of storytelling via his visual medium. There is now a video component. Here it is.

That’s right, CREATIVE SPACE 22 of 2020 (as in the 22nd installment since the column found a new home in the Daily Observer every other Wednesday early in the year) also has a video component. I conducted the interview via Zoom and then I edited and uploaded it to my YouTube channel, Antiguan Writer. That’s three iterations of the column if you’re keeping count, the newspaper edition , the extended (i.e. with extras) online edition here on the blog, and now the video edition (my first attempt to take it on to this platform). It took a lot of doing but I’m excited and hoping you will check it out. Like, comment, share, subscribe.

My goal is to grow this and to do so I’ll need to build the audience and get some money coming in through branding and/or sponsorship and/or advertising. So that I can get some help and continue to pump out this content and do it better.

If you need added incentive to view the video, there’s a story, inspired by the video cover image, included in the conversation – beginning, middle, end? Not saying. Watch to find out; I believe you’ll find the whole conversation (and it is a conversation more than an interview) interesting.

Though this wasn’t a #Catapultartsgrant funded initiative, I daresay my experience troubleshooting the challenge I experienced creating the video I did for that emboldened me to tackle this project. I always planned to expand CREATIVE SPACE’s possibilities but this past week I decided to just do it, and I did. Let me know what you think.

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