Skin Deep

As mentioned in this recent vlog on my YouTube channel (are you subscribed?), my contributor copies of Skin Deep came in the mail from the UK roughly a year after publication (after pandemic related delays followed by post office frustrations). I have three poems in this collection (Grandmother and Child, Weather Patterns, Waste Not), which is kind of cool for a not-quite-poet.

Thinking back on the whole imposter syndrome post, with more than 30 poetry publishing credits, I may have to own up to also being a poet – as to how good or bad of a poet, that’s not for me to decide but it is true that some of what I have to say finds expression in this form. Yes, as I say in the video, I’m not as confident in this form, and that editor who once told me my poetry is not up to the standard of my fiction is still there with a bullhorn in my head, but every now and again something lands. I’ve had poetry accepted for publication in Ma Comère (my first international publication of any genre), PEN America, Calabash, Mythium, The Caribbean Writer (5 times), Anansesem, SX Salon, Womanspeak, The Columbia Review, The Missing Slate, Moko, Artemis, Interviewing the Caribbean, She Sex, Caribbean Homophobias, and Skin Deep – incidentally the first time (outside of the poems I included in the Dancing Nude in the Moonlight 10th Anniversary Editions and Other Writings, some of the journaled and anthologized poems, my poem in the Commonwealth Education Trusts’ River of Stories anthology, and my self-published collection on which I think I broke even On Becoming) I’ve been paid (not a big pay day but still) for publishing my poetry.

I shared one of the published pieces (Weather Patterns) in the video above but, a year on, why not, I’ll share all published pieces here. Here you go (click the arrow to go forward and read).

Buy the magazine here. I look forward to reading it cover to cover now that I have it. That’s it. That’s the post (a Sunday Post even – haven’t linked up with the Caffeinated Book Reviewer in a while). Watch the video for #whatimreading.

ETA: I was approached to include my story The Other Daughter, previously published on the Commonwealth Writers platform Adda and excerpted in the first and forthcoming second edition of the Collins CSEC English A Revision Guide, in the first Heady Mix anthology of 2021. Heady Mix is a UK book box service that curates diverse books and stories for subscribers. The theme of this issue of their anthology is Windrush.

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