The #BookBloggerHop on Film Adaptations

This week’s Book Blogger Hop‘s question is ‘What book or series can you see getting made in to a movie and not being horribly rewritten?’

Some Hollywood takes on favourite books that I’ve liked that immediately come to mind are Roots the miniseries based on the book Roots by Alex Haley, The Godfather based on The Godfather by Mario Puzo, Pat Conroy’s The Prince of Tides, which became Barbra Streisand’s The Prince of Tides, and Louis Lamour’s Lonesome Dove, a mini-series for TV, and there are more; so, I’m not of the mindset that Hollywood always gets it wrong obviously. I’ve liked takes on Little Women, Misery, Girl with a Dragon Tattoo, for instance.

But you know what I’d like to see, more Hollywood money going in to Black stories, and stories by various people of colour, because we have a lot of stories yet untold. I mean, pick a book, any book; hell, pick one of mine. My answer to this question could change every day of the year for five years and I still wouldn’t run out of books and stories yet untold. So, let’s start with my most recent upload (a re-upload of an older review actually) Randall Kenan’s Walking on Water, which could be made in to a non-fiction anthology series on Black American lives. It would certainly prove the truth of the oft repeated Black people are not a monolith, as it delves in to lives that are kaleidoscopic in their variation, and all 100 percent Black. Randall Kenan died last summer and this book, to my mind, is more relevant than ever. Here’s my review.

While we’re here, new posts on the blog, since I last participated in a book blog meme, include: Kirkus List Post *for the Scrapbook*, CREATIVE SPACE (Updates), and And They’re Off (Awards Season). See also updates to the Accolades, and the The Boy from Willow Bend and Musical Youth Reviews and Endorsements pages.

Finally, the most recent book reviews on the blog, in case you missed them, are Cold Case by Faye Kellerman and a children’s picture book Turtle Beach by Barbara A. Arrindell, part of the Collins Big Cat rollout of Caribbean children’s books; and before that Storm Limited Series by Warren Ellis and Terry Dodson and Inferno by Dan Brown (I did quick takes on both), and all of my 2020 reads/reviews which ended with Derry Sandy’s Greyborn Rising.

4 thoughts on “The #BookBloggerHop on Film Adaptations

  1. Yes! Let’s get some new material out there. I keep thinking of all the remakes Hollywood does–which is somewhat understandable given how they’ve proven to be moneymakers and are “safe” (whatever that means in all its connotations)–but when you think of all the original great stories out there, especially by Black and Latinx authors, I wish they’d take more chances on them. The audience is there. Me included. Thank you for the recommendation of Walking On Water. I look forward to checking it out. Have a great weekend!

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