Blueberry Ice-Cream and Other Nice Things

Honestly, there’s been an uptick in COVID deaths here, putting everyone on edge, even as the vaccine rollout begins and vaccine education amps up. It’s a tense time. But it’s also Sunday so I’m going to try to find some nice-ness to share for the Caffeinated Reviewer’s Sunday Post.

Like blueberry ice cream. (all gone, no pic)

Like my new favourite mask. (art by local artist Edison Liburd)

Like the Accent tag video that I recently uploaded to my YouTube Channel.

Like my continuing #BlackHistoryMonth #bookaday challenge across my social media (click the pic below for a youtube link summarizing the first half of the month and hold this space for my month end catch up video for the latter half of the month).

Like the 35th anniversary of Janet Jackson’s Control album, the beginning of an incomparable run that included Rhythm Nation, Janet, Velvet Rope, and Damita Joe (yeah, I said it… put some respect on Janet’s name).

Like this dope email I just pulled up, from the quagmire that is my inbox, from a writer who’s been killing it in the game and who took the time to share her thoughts on a story of mine: ‘“Vincent” is so well written! Not one unnecessary or spare word. Every word did its job. The writing is tight and crisp and the story, like the character, so wonderfully layered. Nice writing, Joanne.’

Like I said nice things. Vincent, by the way, remains unpublished but it was long listed last year for the Brooklyn Caribbean Literary Festival (BCLF) Elizabeth Nunez Award for Writers in the Caribbean.

This week what’d I read? Lines are mad crazy here so I tried to listen to the audio book I’m reading while sitting in a mall parking lot waiting for my mom to do her banking (lol…my life)… and I … fell asleep. Which is why I’m not mentioning the book, because it’s not the book’s fault. Sleep will not be denied in the daytime, it’s nighttime sleep that remains an uphill climb. But we’re not complaining about that today because this post is pure niceness.

Like my latest book, children’s picture book, The Jungle Outside, finally making its way on to local bookshelves and me signing 60 copies.

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