A Note Re Reader Reviews and Oh Gad!

My novel Oh Gad! has been out of print for a minute. Don’t think that’s going to stop me from sharing these two recent reader reviews I found on Goodreads and added to the Reviews and Endorsements page. As if. As I said in one of my instagram #BlackHistoryMonth #bookaday posts, readers putting their feedback out there (good, bad, in-between) has been invaluable, especially earlier in my career (and still, to a degree) when critics weren’t so much as sneezing in my direction. Honestly, I didn’t have the luxury of not reading what the readers were saying as that became, of necessity, part of my marketing strategy – using that word of mouth to slow build buzz – and it’s amazing to see it still going even with the book being shelved. Beyond that, it’s just appreciation for readers, #bookstagrammers, booktubers, book bloggers, book lovers all for sharing your thoughts wherever you share them. It’s odd and interesting and humbling and indescribable really reading your insights. Always.

“Oh Gad has an interesting structure and drive that keeps you curious for more. Nikki Baltimore, a 30 year old living in the concrete jungle of New York, has her mundane life turned upside down when she gets the call that her distant mother has passed. From the first page, we enter into Nikki’s world, and stick with her through all of the ups and downs, twists and turns that shake her. From her arrival in Antigua to her first encounter with her semi-estranged family from her mother’s side, we read about her navigating a move, new love interests, political unrest, career changes, cultural differences, and a whole lot of family drama. Hillhouse doesn’t stop at just developing Nikki, but also developing the multiple characters that are an integral part of the story. There’s so much that happens, and the page count that allows for it, but I never felt at any point like the story was dragging. Once I did reach the end, I still wasn’t ready for it to be over. The problem with becoming so heavily invested in multiple characters is that you want to see resolution for all of them, not just the MC. Overall, it was a really enjoyable and entertaining read.”

“A wonderful invocation of place filled with in-depth characters. Interesting pacing moving time forward to keep the reader perfectly engaged. Only criticism is abruptness of the ending.”

For more critical and reader reviews of Oh Gad! go here. For links to reviews of all my books, go here. And remember, author to reader, we really appreciate when you take the time to share your thoughts and maybe, by doing so, help someone else discover our books – it’s one of the reasons (apart from being a book nerd who just really wants to talk about the books I read) I try to pay it forward in the Blogger on Books series in which I talk about books I’ve read here and on my YouTube Channel and really across my social media. The image below is from the launch of this book – you can view the full gallery here. And read about my books still in print here. And, yes, I am working on new books. Yes, plural – pray for me.

with late Antiguan and Barbudan calypso writer Marcus Christopher who came out for the midnight launch of my novel Oh Gad! in 2012. It meant a lot to see him there. May he rest in peace.

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