Reading Update

I’m up to page 374/800+ of New Daughters of Africa edited by Margaret Busby – last read in this global anthology – 1960s Juliane Okot Bitek.

I’m up to page 42/500+ of Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie – reading both ebook and audio book at the same time – an experiment to see if it can help me speed up my reading (verdict out).

I’m up to page 183/280+ of a thesis on Barbuda’s history (entering the section on slavery specifically).

Yes, when it comes to these books (including all the books in my TBR, bookshelf, and wish list), I continue to inch along; the spirit remains willing but the time limited – especially when my professional reading projects currently include a screenplay and novel, comments on which are past due; and, of course, Wadadli Pen judging which I somehow and for some reason volunteered to participate in this year – results pending.

I DNF’d three ‘books’ in April 2021 + finished 2 – both audio books (In Time of Need by Shakirah Bourne and The Rendezvous and Other Stories by Daphne Du Maurier ) – click to read my Quick Takes of both.

Additions to the Active Reading Pile (my ARP, not to be confused with the TBR) include (via Peepal Tree Press) Fortune by Amanda Smith and The Mermaid of Black Conch by Monique Roffey (which I see via her social media has already sold 30,000 MF’ing copies -crazy!). Peepal Tree’s contribution of Daylight Come by Diana McCaulay to the Wadadli Youth Pen Prize challenge initiative arrived today – I’ve been reading the ebook (I don’t know the page number but I’m up to chapter 7 of 36), also from the publisher, and enjoying it so far…as much as one can enjoy a dark dystopian climate change novel. Also in, A Ripe Earth by Elizabeth Amisu which I added to my kindle during a promotional giveaway on recommendation from an associate and A Veil Removed by Michell Cox which I got access to from the author a while ago but then lost and just recovered.

So, yeah, too many books; too little time. #Booknerdproblems

p.s. ICYMI additions to the site include What I’ve been watching (movie round up), See you in Medellin (virtually), My First Big Yes, and the latest installment of my CREATIVE SPACE newspaper column (“That’s why I do portraits…everybody has a story”).

p.p.s. today’s (20/04/21) verdict in the murder of George Floyd won’t bring him back but it’s a step toward justice; meanwhile, if the past year has unveiled anything in America and other parts of the world, including my own, is there is need for transformation of the approach to policing, particularly as relates to fostering healthy relationship and trust between the police and the community, especially communities of colour and less privileged communities.

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