Reading Update (30.4.21)

Not much has changed since last week’s reading update but I’m updating to record books received and other writerly and readerly developments between now and then.

I’ve received a copy of My Stories have No Endings, by request, from the author Gayle Gonsalves, a Canada based Antiguan. I requested it not due to an abundance of reading time (still working my way through a couple of client edits, that screenplay I mentioned in the last post – requiring feedback from me, and the 72 entries to the Wadadli Pen prize of which I am a judge, among other things) but because I liked the cover and the sample. I look forward to reading and reviewing it, along with other books recently added to the TBR – including the 2020 edition of the Antigua and Barbuda Review of Books which has its own website now, actually an Antigua-Barbuda studies website with a downloadable version of the Review. I’m still reading 2019 by the way, so wish me plenty time and clear eyes.

My personal reading week has included:

Death on the Danube – I’m up to page 58 – it’s a cozy read I’d be enjoying more if I wasn’t reading it in drips and drabbles on the run – you might remember I’ve been reading this at least since my one and only reading marathon sometime in 2020

The 2019 Antigua and Barbuda Review of Books – I’m up to page 154 – through skipping a lot of things I might otherwise not skip and just reading the things of particular interest – it’s a scholarly journal, so I think that’s okay (lol)

Joan H. Underwood’s First Aid Kit: A Practical Guide to Remedy the Three Most Common Managerial Challenges – an author copy from my former coaching client – not my typical read and I’ve only just cracked it at page 2

Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie – I’ve actually lost track of the page count as I haven’t cracked my physical copy at all this week but I have continued ‘reading’ via the audio book

I’m not sure if I’m going to keep up with this reading journal but there it is for now.

I’ve also started a writing journal as a way of holding myself accountable and prioritizing my writing even in the midst of family disruptions and feeling overwhelmed personally and professionally. And I find that I’ve engaged with the page more than I recognized, reaching instinctively for the pen even while on the go. My email to my writing partner as a result should include first drafts of four poems and redrafts/edits of two stories from my short story collection in progress; I also did some work on the novel but not sure I’ll be sharing that as yet (lol).

Site updates

Speaking of new writing, I’ll end with the blogs.

On Wadadli Pen, there was my World Book Day post, new events and round up pages, and a post on Bocas’ 100 Books that made us from the Trinidad and Tobago literary festival held last weekend. Speaking of, I have a virtual workshop on children’s book writing coming up with them this month (see my Appearances page for this and other events, pending and past).

New on this blog are my World Book Day posts before and after my first YouTube live (see also my upload of an audio reading of my story Carnival Hangover); my disgruntled post-Oscars post; and a scan of my story Teacher May from the Caribbean literary journal Poui in 2011. A highlight though is the latest edition of my CREATIVE SPACE column which is an online gallery experience from the #artistchallenge hashtag on Facebook.

Finally, here’s an out of left field ICYMI I was asked to participate in a radio discussion on George Orwell’s Animal Farm and its relevance to these times, and while I had to demur (due to severe time constraints), I was able to share with them this review of the self-same book from my Blogger on Books series.

Now you, how’s your reading life, writing life, or just life?

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