Reading Update 03.5.21

So far this year I’ve averaged 1.75 recreational books per month, three of which (Turtle Beach by Barbara A. Arrindell and Zavian Archibald, Finny the Fairy Fish by Diana McCaulay and Stacy Byer, and The Talking Mango Tree by A. H. Benjamin and Daniel J. O’Brien) are children’s picture books. This low count made lower still by the 3 books so far DNFd in 2021. Yet, I’ve been reading non-stop, or so the tiredness of my eyes and janky sleep ‘schedule’ suggests. Of course, part of the reason for this is that while reading is my happy place, it’s also my work (having books and other documents to read or edit is a good problem to have because it means that there is still some form of work to be had, but it takes its toll). Between my own writing and client work, and 72 Wadadli Pen entries, when it comes time to play, if such time can be found, my eyes want to tap out (which is why I’ve reluctantly been doing more audio books where doable). Two of my completed books (Rebecca and Other Stories by Daphne DuMaurier and In Time of Need by Shakirah Bourne) are audio books; and only two (Cold Case by Faye Kellerman and my favourite read so far this year The Festival by San Joaquin by Zee Edgell) were physical reads.

I am trying to consciously put reading time and writing time back in to my schedule (after focusing for a long time on what had to be done not what I want to do) – mixed results so far. Journaling helps. Since my last Reading update blog, I’ve dipped in to Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie up to chapter 3, I think, and The Art of White Roses by Viviana Prado-Núñez, up to chapter 13, (grouped together because by the time I dipped in to both, I’m pretty sure I mostly just re-read what I’ve read before, sigh), Fireburn by Apple Gidley, up to page 52, and, mostly on the go because it’s light, the Skin Deep journal, up to page 37 of the flipside, which has three of my poems and took a year and change to get here from the UK; and I’ve started My Stories have No Endings by Gayle Gonsalves, up to chapter 2, and the writing is already so delicious (food references) I can already tell I’m going to like it. And so this post isn’t just me griping about all the books I haven’t read, here’s an excerpt:

“In Antigua, we experience one season. The days are an
unending cycle of sun dotted with the occasional burst of
rain. This sun makes trees grow, flowers blossom and fruit
ripen. It gives the island its unending lushness, so that it
looks like a ripe fruit ready to burst. On this little island,
we mark time by the temperature of the sea and the
seasons of our fruits. In the humid months of June and
July, when the sea is hot, mangoes are in full bloom, and
at Christmas we don’t go to the beach—the water is too
cold—but the land bears sugar apples. Tamarinds come
into season around May, when the water begins to warm
and we again enjoy the sea.” P 11

And here’s my last site update entitled Tanti up a Tree – click the link to find out why. Hint, it’s about one of my children’s picture books.

How’s your reading going?

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