Reading Update 12.5.21

A reading setback today. Despite reading both in print and by audio book, I had to re-start Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Americanah when I realized I had lost track of the people; not the plot – that I think I have – but I didn’t know who was who. The perils of distracted reading. And I was up to chapter 8 too. The good news is that I remain interested in reading it.

Which is more than I can say for Death on the Danube by Jennifer S. Alderson, a travel mystery I really thought I’d be in to (and which I still think others will find entertaining) but which, in the whole scheme of everything else going on, I just don’t have the energy to commit more time to, half-hearted as I feel about doing so.

Since my last reading update, I’ve read a number of relatively shorter reads – the first in The Old Guard graphic novel anthology series currently being rolled out The Old Guard: Tales Through Time #1, and three more Big Cat Caribbean children’s picture books How to be a Calypsonian, The Wonder of the World Leaf, and The Lost Sketchbook (all reviews linked). I ran through them when I decided, on having to shelve my planned topic, to make them the subject of this week’s CREATIVE SPACE column. I, also, finished three of the journals I had been reading, Skin Deep: Race + Culture: Is This the End?, The Caribbean Writer Volume 32, and The Antigua and Barbuda Review of Books Volume 12.

I made some reading progress on Marlon James’ Black Leopard, Red Wolf – another book I’ve restarted a couple of times and still feel kind of lost (now up to page 282), Maeve Binchy’s Chestnut Street (now up to page 279), Diana McCaulay’s Daylight Come -perhaps my favourite read of the moment – up to Chapter 9 on kindle (the other two are physical books).

I also got in a copy of Shakirah Bourne’s Josephine Against the Sea which I’m looking forward to reading.

I don’t yet know if this reading update diary is a series, not ready to commit, but for now it’s helping me keep track of my reading progress and making me feel less like I’m making no progress at all. So while it gives me that feeling, I guess I’ll continue. The writing diary (which I won’t be sharing here) is on track as well even if the writing isn’t where I want it to be.

If you’re here for the books, you might also find this post on favourite gothic reads interesting. And there’re my books of course, including Musical Youth which, if I’m reading this statement right, has had a wee bit of a sales bump after making Kirkus’ list of best indies at the end of the year (thanks for that and let’s keep it moving).

And if you’re working on your own book and need an edit, check out my performance reviews. Recent addition:

“CaribbeanReads hired Ms. Hillhouse to edit several stories for the USAID/OESC ELP Write-to-Read program in August 2020. As in the past, she asked great questions, her work was thorough, and her suggestions really helped to improve the books. We look forward to working with her again.”

How’s your reading going?

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