New to the Blog (17-05-21)

What’s up?

Here’s some of what’s new on the blog, ICYMI. Since the last blog round up. and the one before that.

The latest CREATIVE SPACE is on the art of illustration, spotlighting the Caribbean Big Cat books, which you should check out if you’re looking for diverse books for children.

And you can catch up on all the 2021 CREATIVE SPACE installments which are a mix of film, fashion, fine art, art enterprise, art support, lit, more lit, and more. Even earlier ones, like this one from 2020.


My new workshop flyer (ETA – flyer changed due to postponement of workshop)

See workshop registration link and other Appearances. Like the upcoming reading at Medellin.


‘New’ books reviewed in my Blogger on Books which includes children’s books The Lost Sketchbook, How to become a Calysonian, Turtle Beach, and The Wonder of the World Leaf, as well as The Old Guard Tales through Time and several literary journals

Older reviews – The Cold Case by Faye Kellerman, The Festival of San Joaquin by Zee Edgell

Also these entries from my new reading journal:

My April 21 reading update

My April 30 reading update

My May 3 reading update

My May 12 reading update


Updates to the Musical Youth First Page + My Media Page + Joanne’s Picks + How do I get your Books + Oh Gad! reviews and endorsements page + Jhohadli Writing Project – Next Chapter + My story ‘Teacher May’ + My Academy watch list + (earlier) my award season predictions + times two + so much awards chatter + Other Published Writing (Fiction) + Publications and Projects + Reviews and Endorsements + The Boy from Willow Bend First Page + Other Published Writing (Poetry) + My Services + Performance Reviews + this post re Kirkus and Musical Youth + a note re reader reviews and Oh Gad! + Blueberry Ice Cream and Other Nice Things + Wadadli Pen season updates (our awards ceremony is set for May 30th 2021 + this breakdown of my Live World Book and Copyright Day chat with illustrator Danielle Boodoo-Fortune.

Live, virtual World Book and Copyright Day discussion between the author and illustrator of Lost! A Caribbean Sea Adventure and The Jungle Outside.

Reblogs from Caribbean authors, Lit Hub, Variety

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