Reading Update 04.07.21

I’ll be linking this week’s reading journal up with the Mailbox Monday and It’s Monday What are You Reading Book Blog memes (thanks to Sam Still Reading) for the reminder.

Another book I received recently (in addition to Ronan Matthew’s Ruby’s Dream, mentioned in my last reading journal) was Obeah, Race and Racism: Caribbean Witchcraft in the English Imagination by Eugenia O’Neal. I haven’t cracked either yet. But I have made incremental progress (where I am in brackets) on Windrush (p. 44), The Angel Horne Collected Poems of Shake Keane 1927 – 1997 (p. 29), New Daughters of Africa (p. 403), Chimamandah Ngozi Adichie’s Americannah via audio book (chapter 13), and Joan H. Underwood’s First Aid Kit: A Practical Guide to Remedy the Three Most Common Managerial Challenges (p. 15).

I finished Daylight Come, the Caribbean-based climate change horror fantasy adventure by Jamaican writer and environmental activist Diana McCaulay.

The plot in a nutshell is that the island (not-Jamaica but not-not-Jamaica) and the world have become so superheated, going out during the day is a death sentence. So humans and the environment have had to become nocturnal. Dangers include feral creatures, starvation, and, of course, other people. There is the desperation for few resources, of course, but there is also the violent dictatorial tendencies that don’t need the excuse of a dying world to assert themselves. 

Read my full review here.

I feel like I lost a day this week but that day wasn’t Tuesday. That’s the day that I did a test run of the link up with producers of the Medellin World Poetry Festival and the person who will be translating my reading on August 10th 2021 during the 31st iteration of the festival. Details in Appearances. This was the piece I used for my test run.

You might also want to check out these other recent additions to the blog: This upload of my short story Little Prissy Palmer previously published in The Machinery

…and Shares from the English Literature blog called Key Quotations from Animal Farm Explained – timely given my recent-ish video posting of my earlier Animal Farm review, , from the Wadadli Pen 2021 Photo Gallery (see the new Carib Lit Plus bulletin when over there) and Suzanne Beghan’s Read Caribbean (June meme) wrap up.

My own video #readCaribbean vlog, the edit of which was my new/first ever mentern (mentee+intern) first completed task, and not bad for a first attempt, is below. Remember to subscribe to AntiguanWriter while you’re there.

12 thoughts on “Reading Update 04.07.21

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  2. I’m definitely going to look up ‘Obeah, Race and Racism’, it sounds fascinating! I also have an audiobook of Americanah and am just waiting for more sunshine so I can sit in the park and listen to it! I hope you have a lovely week 🙂
    Juli @ A Universe in Words

    • I am very interested in reading it (Obeah) myself and enjoying listening to Americanah so far – I’m actually doing some odd combo of reading and listening because I have the physical book as well. Lovely week to you too.

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