Reading Update 11.07.21

Negligible really. But we’ve been doing this, so, let’s do this anyway. And thanks to this reminder from Sam Still Reading, (who swelled my TBR by two btw), let’s go ahead and link up with Mailbox Monday and It’s Monday, What are You Reading?

It’s been very hot here this week – what else is new (hello, Caribbean) but I’m not knocking it, wouldn’t live anywhere else (not permanently anyway) and one day this week the sun felt especially nice on my skin. I was lying in the grass taking in a cricket match (West Indies women v Pakistan…after clearing my vaxx-card and all that) and thinking about nothing else at the time (not even the book packed in my bag for when I got bored), so that might have had something to do with it. But yeah, the sun’s been stiflingly hot much of the rest of the time. There’s a cool breeze tonight though; I’ll take it.

Now, books.

I haven’t finished any this week – boo!

But I have added to my reading list – The 1619 Project (it’s about time). Does that count as a book?

Have I made progress on any of the million books I’m reading. Good question.

Here’s what I read in the week and more since my last reading journal.

New Daughters of Africa – this was the heavy tome I had with me at cricket and though I didn’t do any reading during the actual game, I’m up to page 407. So about halfway through?

The Shake Keane poetry collection The Angel Horne – I’m up to page 36 (though, true confessions, it started strong but I’ve skipped a couple of pieces after trying and failing to get in to them, since)

Yeah, that’s it. I’ve been somewhere between busy and doing busy work. But in case you missed it, here’s my Chestnut Street by Maeve Binchy review and a 2021 quick takes Blogger on Books post in Blogger on Books 2021 in Book Chat and Extras (name changed so that my reviews are easier to find) on children’s book The Talking Mango Tree by A H Benjamin and Daniel J O’Brien, Caribbean short story collection In Time of Need by a Bajan writer whose first big US publication Josephine Against the Sea (which I am reading) hit the market this week, Shakirah Bourne, and a classic The Rendezvous and Other Stories by Daphne Du Maurier.

Okay, let’s see what’s new (or updated) on the blog.

My musings on googling while Black in which I ruminate on who is centered and who isn’t in search results…and life

As you’ll see while reading that, it was prompted by the uploading of my short story ‘Little Prissy Palmer‘, one of my linked published short Fiction

A new installment of my column CREATIVE SPACE which runs every other Wednesday in local paper The Daily Observer with an extended edition here on the blog

With each new installment, the 2021 CREATIVE SPACE list gets longer

Recently added CREATIVE SPACE ‘Food is Culture’

This share of a share list from my other blog Wadadli Pen which is the online platform of the project I started here in Antigua and Barbuda in 2004 to nurture and showcase the literary arts

My media page, the page about media and other publications related to my work, which has a few new links (see link to a Kirkus article which referred to Musical Youth as an “well-observed charmer” and a blog which shouted out its “knowledge of music”), one of my favourites being, in the Academic section, a thesis on ‘The construction of memory and power relations in Elizabeth Nunez’s Prospero’s daughter, Andrea Levy’s The long song and Joanne Hillhouse’s Oh gad!’ because it’s kind of wild to discover academic engagement with my work

The Reviews and Endorsements page of my first book, The Boy from Willow Bend

and of my second Dancing Nude in the Moonlight in which among the additions is

I read it when I was 13 and I think it opened my eyes with regards to the things I could write about and I think that was a very instructive moment in my life that lead me to where I am right now.”

said on local TV on World Book Day by someone who is now a legit success as a writer (having self-published books in the double digits and recently picking up a romance writers award from the US) and in her other professional pursuit, a sentiment I return to even as it makes me feel old af because in spite of any unworthiness I may feel …I receive it

The Main Reviews and Endorsements page which links to both critical and reader reviews of all my books, and other writing

The Performance Reviews page in which I share reviews of the work I have done for my clients

As in the past, she asked great questions, her work was thorough, and her suggestions really helped to improve the books. (book editing client)

I remember that particular project involved turning around six books (some twice) in a very tight window. It might be responsible for why I need new glasses (no, there’s a lot to blame for that) but it was a good project and I’m glad I was able to satisfactorily complete it. Especially with last year being such a mixed bag and me struggling in ways I’m only beginning to realize. I need more like it – hopefully not all at once but all right on time.

As I’m typing this ‘Irreplaceable You; on Netflix (mostly because Gugu Mbatha Raw is in it and she’s not in enough things) is playing in the background; here’s what else I’ve been watching these past few months

My Network of all the places to find me on social media

My literary scrapbook which is just what it says

and that is all she wrote.

7 thoughts on “Reading Update 11.07.21

  1. Sounds like you have been very busy. It’s good to see you got to relax a little and enjoy the sunshine and the cricket. I hope you get to do a bit more relaxing and a bit more reading in this coming week.

  2. Oh wow, sounds like you’ve been up to quite a bit even if perhaps you didn’t get as much reading done as you wanted! I found myself in a park last week intending to read and instead just ended up enjoying the sun and the slight breeze, even though I had also dragged a heavy book with me. Sometimes it’s just like that! And I would say the 1619 Project absolutely counts, I’ve been meaning to get into it as well but want to make sure I have enough brain space to properly take it in. I hope you have a lovely week 🙂
    Juli @ A Universe in Words

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