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N.B. This is the master list. For genre specific listings, search for fiction, non-fiction, poets, screenwriters, playwrights, children’s literature, songwriters, or whatever else. This list is all books including some books that are exclusively ebooks or spoken word CDs, but you can also search this site for publications by Antiguans and Barbudans in journals, contest wins, and performances. Chances are it’s somewhere here on the site. If you’re looking for Wadadli Pen winners, use the drop down menu on the right or search Wadadli Pen by year, name, story or other feature (e.g. ‘Wadadli Pen winning stories’, ‘Wadadli Pen story links’). Hope you find what you’re looking for.

I (Joanne C. Hillhouse – an Antiguan and Barbudan author, freelance writer-editor-writing-coach-and-course-workshop-facilitator, and founder and coordinator of the Wadadli Youth Pen Prize) started putting this list together back in 2005 for the Independence literary arts exhibition at the national Museum; I’ve…

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