Sunday Post 19.9.21

This is a link up with The Caffeinated Reviewer’s Sunday Post. The purpose of this meme is to recap the past week on the blog and showcase books.

It’s been a weird week. …so weird, I couldn’t begin to know where to start. …Let’s talk books.

My companion book on this week’s walkabouts was Windrush, the UK book subscription service Heady Mix’s first anthology of 2021. I’m up to page 96 from 79 in my last reading journal. It started out with essays and now I’m in to the creative writing – fiction – section. And so far, four stories in, that section is dope, no duds here. – ‘A Simple Man’, a charming fable by Irma Rambaran, a Trinidad writer who died in 2016; ‘Bruises’, a brutal queer coming of age tale by Puerto Rican Yolando Arroyo Pizarro, translated from Spanish by Lawrence Schimel; ‘Desire’, a quick non-fiction take on culture and migration by Barbadian-British Andrea Stuart, and especially ‘Granma’s Porch’, a story both ominous and humorous by Bahamian writer Alexia Tolas – an award winning story I might add. You can read it here (posted to the Fiction section of the Wadadli Pen blog’s Reading Room and Gallery).

Demetri never wanna leave, neither. When it get dark, he wan’ stay on the porch and talk. His pink lips grow pale whenever Granma turn on the outside light and call me in. I ask Granma if it safe for Demetri to be living with Gully. She say Demetri’s a boy. He gone be fine.

Granma’s Porch by Alexia Tolas

I know Alexia from a Commonwealth Caribbean writers workshop we did together in 2018 in Barbados.

Speaking of walkabouts: That’s Alexia in black in the middle and me, far right with other writers.

I had to drop her a line to say “wow” because this story was a gut punch.

My story ‘The Other Daughter‘ follows this in the collection and that’s where I am.

What I’m finding interesting in the selection is notwithstanding the title and the opening essays being consistent with that title and addressing the immigration of Caribbean people, primarily in to the UK, and the social pressures that resulted, these creative pieces don’t have any obvious connection to that. Though they are stories of Caribbean people and do deal with social pressures and movement if not always migration, there is not clear connection to the UK. Which is an interesting choice. One that clearly allows my inclusion as a writer in Antigua.

Recently on the blog

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Time a-Changing (a creative piece from CREATIVE SPACE, July)

Alice was on her way to the shop, up the narrow road, when she stepped to the side to let cars pass down the single remaining lane. One of the cars, a pick-up, stopped, blocking the lane. No horns blasted in protest. She looked up. It was a police truck.

Music is my Medicine (this is from August)

COVID (this is from August)

Speaking of, it’s hot here, the beaches are closed (or very tightly restricted), and tomorrow is uncertain as are all days these days.

Happy Sunday.

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