Sunday Post on Monday

It’s a hot and hazy Monday here in Antigua and this is my contribution to the Caffeinated Reviewer’s Sunday Post. The post is an opportunity to reflect on/recap the past week, showcase books and things received, and share news about what’s coming up.

I was off social media for much of Sunday, I’m happy to say, writing a story. *throws confetti* I didn’t say it was any good (too soon to tell) but, yay, it was a writing day. Of course, when I came online it was to the news of a death of a former colleague – a long ago colleague whom I saw only occasionally but whose death by COVID nonetheless knocked the wind out of me. I found myself visiting her social media and among the last set of pictures were joyful, colourful photos of her just celebrating life and that was her, she always looked like she was living her most joyful life. And it doesn’t feel like a lie, though I’m sure it’s more nuanced than that, because i remember her being so completely drama free in a very toxic environment, always ready with a laugh and a joke. And one of the mantras I carry with me, feel the fear and do it anyway, I borrowed from her. I am tired of COVID. I am tired of all the behaviours that have caused it to worsen and worsen and carry on – not vaxxing, not masking, not social distancing. I am tired of all this death. Coincidentally, the story I was working on yesterday is called ‘Undying’. Never let it be said that God doesn’t have a deep sense of irony.

Last Week on the Blog

Movie Round Up (in which I rank my most recent watches)

Caribbean Folklore in MyOwn Stories (My Other Post for Caribbean Folklore Month)

CREATIVE SPACE Update (in which I share the most recent installments of my art and culture series and the most popular so far for 2021)

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What are you watching? (I didn’t plan to do another TV/movie post so soon but I needed a little Ted Lasso in my life after yesterday)

This week on the Blog

Well, we’ll find out, won’t we.

I am happy to report that I finished the last of three October presentations last Friday and from all accounts all were well received; then today I had two children picture book editing projects come in. And I have mountains of email that I need to get out of Drafts. In general the work-life balance continues.

So, play it by ear.

New Arrivals

None. Which is probably just as well since the only reading I’ve managed this week (reading mostly whenever I’m on the bus) is a bit on Fireburn by Apple Gidley. I’m up to page 166.


See appearances – I do have something booked for November and another invite came in today (but details to be negotiated).

Around the blogosphere

Repeating Islands reported that the Calabash International Literary Festival in Jamaica (which I attended all the way back in 2007 with a delegation of Antiguan-Barbudan writers) received the Madam C J Walker for its dedication to Black literature during the Hurston Wright Legacy Awards this October.

Caribbean Authors has declared October Caribbean Folklore month (and I’ve been participating) and they’ve been keeping it going with posts on jumbies, soucouyant, saapin, kanaima, mama d’leau, and others.

Moko: Caribbean Arts and Letters shared Nadia Huggins photo essay entitled Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust appropriately enough as it captures the rain of ash during the eruption of the volcanon in St. Vincent earlier this year.

One from the Wadadli Pen blog – one of the September 2021 Carib Lit Plus posts.


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