Art, More Essential than Ever (CREATIVE SPACE Coda)

I’ve covered Heather Doram’s creative bursts during this still ongoing pandemic season twice in my CREATIVE SPACE column – CREATIVE SPACE #4 OF 2020 – ART, MORE ESSENTIAL THAN EVER & CREATIVE SPACE #12 OF 2020 – MORE ESSENTIAL THAN EVER 2 (THE PANDEMIC SERIES) And marvel of marvels she’s still going (you have only to follow her instagram to see how prolific and profound she’s being) and this weekend mounted her first show since 2006’s ‘Strength of a Woman’. Tonight (December 18th 2021), she held a Soiree at Shem’s – that’s Henre Designs studio – also recently featured in CREATIVE SPACE. Below are some images from the event – which was emceed by Marcella Andre of NIA Comms and included performances by theatre artist Zahra Airall, poet Kadeem Joseph, and songstress Janine.

Heather’s in profile looking like royalty, and it was a delight to see designer Calvin S, ever his stylish self, for the first time since his health issues. The dress code was artsy.

Just a handful of images of me wandering this lovely space which also has art by Mongoose and Guava (that I saw) on the walls which were of course awash with the colourful palette of the grand dame of Antiguan and Barbudan art Heather Doram. The outcome is breathtaking but, she said during the ceremony, “it’s not about the outcome for me, but the process.”

Shem Henry made the point during the ceremony that this is a creative space and that he is open to its use by other creatives – Heather being seemingly the first to take him up on it, and in the spirit of these things, her staging there has inspired him. He said, “there is something about this that has planted a seed.”
And after the event, I went to take in the Christmas lights. A good evening all around.

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