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First, RIP to giant of cinema, and giant to the Caribbean and Black American community, Sidney Poitier. Well done, Sir.

Be sure to check the blog’s ‘An Oddly Morbid Recommendations List‘ for some of my faves from Poitier and some of the others who have departed in 2021 and so far in 2022.

Now to what’s trending on the vlog and the blog after the first week (and change) in 2022. It (plus a quick update on reading progress/reading journal update…and maybe if you scroll all the way through a couple of my b’day photos) will be my tags for The Caffeinated reviewer’s Sunday Post and Book Day’s It’s Monday, What are You Reading.

What’s Trending…

Top 5 on the vlog (i.e. my AntiguanWriter channel on YouTube channel) for the last week/first week of the year:Top 5 on the blog for the last week/first week of the year (not including the home page):
Top Ten Books and Movies of 2021 – I’ve never done a movie top 10 before; be sure to watch and share your ownDigital Exclusive – Check in re Fashion Hopeful’s Golden Ticket (CREATIVE SPACE Coda) – January 5th 2022 – this one was personal
What does it mean to Dance on the Moon – an author’s latest debut and the first CREATIVE SPACE OF 2022The Right to Bare Arms: a Reflection on Antiquated Attitudes and the Female Body (in the Caribbean) – posted this today; glad to see the traction
How to Write Children’s Books – an older post from a presentation I did in October 2021CREATIVE SPACE – this is the main page of my art and culture column
The Jungle Outside (ABS TV Book Club Feature) – a reading from my latest book, released 2021; do you have your copy yet?Other Published Writing – Fiction – this is cool as I’ve recently added my most recently published short story; check it out
Honouring Jamaica – a presentation I did in November at the CCNY’s Langston Hughes Festival honouring Antiguan and Barbudan-American writer Jamaica KincaidBOOKS – my main book page; I appreciate the support and that this tied for the fourth spot
Colourism in Musical Youth: Author Joanne C. Hillhouse in Conversation with Intersect – Intersect is a gender advocacy group from Antigua and Barbuda and this vid tied for the fifth spotBiO <—self-explanatory

Reading progress…

My last reading journal was included in my first post of the year. I basically only talked about the books finished. Since then I’ve started another memoir, Guadeloupean author Maryse Conde’s Victoire: My Mother’s Mother (I’m at page 29). As for the other books I’m actively reading, I’ve advanced incrementally on international anthology New Daughters of Africa (I’m up to page 502), Trinidadian author Monique Roffey’s The Mermaid of Black Conch (I’m at page 66), Antiguan-Canadian author Gayle Gonsalves’ My Stories have No Endings (I’m at page 201), volume 6 of the Antigua and Barbuda Review of Books (I’m at page 53), Kirkus Reviews Best Books of 2020 (I’m at page 51), BIM: arts for the 21st Century Volume 10 (I’m at page 33), previously mentioned unpublished novel (I’m at page 71), The Perito Prize 2021 anthology (I’m at page 6), the Barbuda thesis that I’m reading (I’m at page 262), the 1619 project (I’m at page 17), Joan Underwood’s Manager’s First Aid Kit (I’m at page 31), and volume 13 of the Antigua Barbuda Review of Books (I’m at page 64). Honestly, my reading is mostly grazing right now which is why it’s so spread out and things are so hectic and uncertain right now, I’m not stressing myself about that. If reading a page now and again let’s some of the air out, I’ll take it.

Personal time

My birthday was on the 5th and it was a good day, notwithstanding the 4th being the death anniversary of one of my Cushion Club children whose father is a good friend, notwithstanding everything else weighing on my mind at the moment. I went hiking with one of my nephews up to a spot called Greencastle Hill where we have our local version of megaliths, the gravestone of a former governor, and lots of open sky, high grass, and air. I struggled more than I like (need to up my reps in my exercise routine) but that plus limes (hangouts) and drinks with friends (on the heels of another friend’s recent wedding) made for some good times.

Some of those birthday hiking pics as promised (with just one of my date for the day).

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