Let’s Talk Grammy Nominees

Actually…I can’t do my usual Grammys post because I’m not up on the music like that because

No I’m not (shut up!) but this year’s Grammy noms (*puts on glasses* “who is that?”) certainly makes me feel like I am. I always promised not to let the music outgrow me but here we are. I’m not even cool enough to know half the songs on President Obama’s playlist.

But I love music and I do have some songs I recognize and even like on the nominees list. So I’ll make this a performances I’d like to see on the Grammys because these are the nominated songs I like know like post. As usual, remember I’m not voting, so my opinions don’t matter; mad, make your own list and share it (I still like learning music I don’t know).

Should I make this my Sunday Post. Well, it is Sunday. But there hasn’t been much reading progress. I’m at page 50 (up from page 29) of finished Victoire: My Mother’s Mother by Maryse Conde. And that’s it.

But look, music.

Jon is more than Stephen Colbert’s bandleader and now the Grammys is recognizing that with nominations in multiple categories including record of the year. The album it’s on is up for album of the year and the video is up for music video of the year.
Doja Cat’s been on my radar since ‘Say So’ and Sza since ‘All the Lights’. Which I know makes me late to the party but I’m here…hard shoes and all. This is also a nominee for record of the year, best pop/duo performance, and song of the year. Doja’s Planet Her is up for album of the year and pop/vocal album.
I actually have yet to hear a song (‘Montero’, ‘Dominica’, ‘Industry Baby’, ‘That’s what I want’) from this album that I don’t like – like I’d totally get this album. This one is nominated for record of the year and song of the year. It is the title track from Montero which is up for album of the year. The video is up for video of the year as well.
I don’t know this artiste like that which is fine, her music isn’t really for me (see I’m old gif above) but she’s been on my radar for a little bit and so rates a mention here. Another record of the year nom.; also up for song of the year. Her album Sour is also up for album of the year, pop vocal album, and she’s up for best new artiste and, with the exception of Saweetie (whose music I don’t know), is the only name I recognize from that list (I wonder if that makes me better or worse than your typical Grammy voter).
Love the whole Silk Sonic project – is it a bit too referential and potentially derivative (of 70s soul)…I mean maybe, points have been made, but it’s just good music by two uber talented artistes…real instruments, no autotune, melodically and rhythmically interesting, lyrically playful…oh stop giving me good things…more. It’s literally the only new release I’ve listened to on a loop (second to Lil Nas X’s ‘Dominica’) all of 2021. I don’t care if that makes me basic or whatever. If I was voting, this would be my record of the year. It’s also up for song of the year, best rnb song, and best rnb performance.
I don’t love this but I know it and it has a certain danceability. Plus it’s up for best duo/group performance.
I don’t think Jazmin has a Grammy yet and if I’m right about that, give her her things because she’s overdue. This one is up for best rnb performance and best rnb song. I don’t even care that it’s not my favourite performance of hers. Her Heaux Tales is also up for best rnb album. Give her her things. Give her something.
Jon again. I think this was the first cut I saw off of his album. Liked it then; like it now. It’s up for best traditional rnb performance. He’s also up for best rnb album and (with other entries) best jazz instrumental album and best american roots performance and song.
Not the biggest H. E. R. fan but remember this Oscar winning one from Judas and the Black Messiah and it has that throwback feel and is fittingly up for best traditional rnb performance. Her Back of My Mind is also up for best rnb album and she’s up for best song written for visual media.
Hear me out, with the group choreography and commitment to storytelling, this one is giving me MJ vibes, as in treating the music video medium like a short film. Like the defiant lyrics and catchy beat too. It’s up for best melodic rap performance – I’m kind of impresssed with rap, from not even being taken seriously by the Grammys to having niche categories like best melodic rap performance.
Nominee for best spoken word album. Shout out to J. Ivy, also a nominee in this category.
Can’t upload the whole album so I thought I’d upload a track from the soundtrack album – is Jon Baptiste on a roll or what. The movie Soul which he had a hand in, along with Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, is up for best score soundtrack for visual media.
Haven’t watched Wandavision and even I know ‘it was Agatha all along’ which is up for best song written for visual media.
There’s no denying Leslie Odom Jr.’s pipes. I haven’t seen Hamilton but remember him from a series called Smash which I liked but which didn’t last. Unfortunately, I also remember him as a demon from Supernatural – and I was not a fan of that character and it’s kind of stuck. This is from Regina King’s feature directorial debut One Night in Miami and is quite beautiful though. He’s co-songwriter with Sam Ashworth.
Okay, I haven’t seen have since seen Summer of Soul but it’s on my watchlist …which for the purpose of this list, counts. It’s up for best music film.

Speaking of watch lists, I saw Encanto today and this one is about to be on next year’s Grammys list.

The full list of this year’s Grammy noms can be seen here – we’ll know the outcome and if they have a better performance line-up than mine on January 31st. 2022.

6 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Grammy Nominees

  1. I love music but have no idea anymore what is popular, unless I hear my daughter singing it. That doesn’t mean I don listen to knew stuff, I just let it find me. Have a good week.

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