June is #ReadCaribbean Month – Post 22

Today’s #readCaribbean #CaribAThon journalling will be linked up with WWW Wednesday in which book bloggers are invited to answer –

what are you currently reading?
what did you recently finish reading?
what do you think you’ll read next?

Currently reading – as I’m blogging my reading every day (give or take) this month, this answer is specific to what I have been reading today, and I’ll share my #lastline #whereIpause –

“…and what is now curfew zone/was then just Home.” (p. 20, Selected Poems, Lorna Goodison) & “He waited for the stillness to shift to reveal what was underneath.” (p. 384, What a Mother’s Love don’t Teach You, Sharma Taylor)

Recently finished reading – If you’ve been following the journalling you already know (sorry for the repetition) – but I finished Marlene Nourbese Philip’s Harriet’s Daughter and I rec it especially for the teen/young adult misfit in your life (of course, it’s a Caribbean read so it’s also an opportunity, if they’re not Caribbean to broaden their reading palette).

Think you’ll read next – I’ll just share some of my active reads that I’d really like to get back to and finish. So if I mention a book I’m already reading it; just not today.

The Caribbean books (it’s all Caribbean all month) I don’t yet have that i would most like to read include way too many to mention….so I’ll just mention these.

The way my budget is set up, I’ll have to check for them at my local library, and the way my time is set up…well, gimme time.

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