Whenever WordPress says my “stats are booming”, with August 5th in particular outpacing all other days going back over a month, I’m always curious which posts and why. So, though I did a What’s Trending on Jhohadli post covering the previous 30 days as recently as July 26th, here we go again. I’ll stick to a 7 day timespan.

The top post for this period is CREATIVE SPACE #28 OF 2021 – CARIBBEAN CHRISTMAS

Image are from Know Your Caribbean on instagram.

Followed by The Boy from Willow Bend Study Guide (Author Edition)

Then CREATIVE SPACE 2022 and most recent post Day Drinking and Dancing in the Streets

And rounding out the top 5, the CREATIVE SPACE main landing page

Numbers six and seven are my BOOKS page and CREATIVE SPACE #9 OF 2022 – CRAFTING WINNING COMMERCIAL ART

Director Lawson Lewis was profiled in the CREATIVE SPACE on crafting winning commercial art. His documentary on Redonda debuted on the big screen in July 2022 which might account for the renewed interest in this feature.


Followed by Pushing Water up Hill – One Writer’s Guide to doing the Impossible

And the number 10 most popular post of the period Reviews and Endorsements – The Boy from Willow Bend

The Boy from Willow Bend was my first pulished book.

The top 5 August 5th posts are, in order, top to bottom, CREATIVE SPACE #28 OF 2021 – CARIBBEAN CHRISTMAS, CREATIVE SPACE 2022, BOOKS, CREATIVE SPACE 2021, and CREATIVE SPACE #12 OF 2021 – TIMMY TIME’S COCKTAIL CREATIONS

A couple of Timmy Time cocktail creations from mango fest held in Antigua in August – probably accounting for the interest in this article.

One takeaway is the growing popularity of even back issues my independent and award winning CREATIVE SPACE art and culture column, and some kind of seasonal interest in my first book (school is not in session, so I’m not sure what accounts for that) – both are timely reminders to keep pushing; also glad to see that the new posts are hitting, and that my books haven’t got lost in the shuffle.

Appreciate the interest in what I do here, always.

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