Musical Youth (a soundbite) + Reading Journal Update

How’s this for timing, I just finished updating the Musical Youth reviews page after coming across a new review (which I only got through with the sound off reading the captions because it’s cringe to listen to someone talk about you and your book if you’re me apparently but I appreciate the attention still being given to this book so don’t let that stop you; keep em coming) and look I have this to share.

The audio was done for local radio (not by me) and I decided to slap some reviews on it and upload to my AntiguanWriter YouTube channel. Which reminds me, are you subscribed?


This being a Sunday Post, here’s my reading update.

Since last Sunday’s post, I’ve covered 105 more pages of New Daughters of Africa (only 79 pages left to go!). Approaching it as research for this paper I’m supposed to be delivering in October is really pushing me to finish. The good thing is I enjoy most of what I’m reading. The alternative is unthinkable.

But since this is the only book I have to mention in this week’s reading journal, I thought I’d run through the authors covered in this reading block whose books are on or have been added to my reading list, so that you too can check them out.

Jesmyn Ward – New Daughters includes an excerpt from her book Sing, Unburied, Sing and now I have to read the rest.

Tiphanie Yanique – the book includes her story “Monster in the Middle” – which is also the name of her book Monster in the Middle; earlier books Land of Love and Drowning and How to Escape from a Leper Colony have been on my TBR for a while.

Me, far right, with, from left, Sharon Millar, Tiphanie Yanique, and Gillian Royes at the V I Lit Fest 2015.

Candice Carty-Williams – the book includes her “Body Hair: Conversations and Conflict” and her Queenie is also on my TBR

Reni Eddo-Lodge – her essay “Women, Down your Tools!’ is here and her book Why I’m no longer talking to White People about Race has been on my TBR since I came across some videos featuring her sometime during the pandemic

Naomi Jackson – it excerpts her The Star Side of Bird Hill which I want to read even more now

Nadifa Mohamed – has a couple of poems (“A Lime Jewel”, “The Symphony”) in the collection and I’ve had her The Fortune of Men in my TBR

Irenosen Okojie – had “Synsepalum” and I have her Nudibranch on my TBR

Chinelo Okparanta – had “Trump in the Classroom” and my TBR has her Under the Udala Trees

I’ll get to them…eventually. Meanwhile, one of the authors in this reading block I have already gotten to is –

Summer Edward who has several poems (“Love in the Time of Nationalistic Fever”, “Old Year’s Melody”, “Forrest Psalmody”) in the collection; her children’s picture book, The Wonder of the World Leaf, is in my Blogger on Books series.

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