REGISTER Now for October Writing Workshop

JHOHADLI WRITING PROJECT for 2022 has emphasized focus on providing feedback on participant writing and play/experimentation towards evoking new writing. At the same time, it has covered topics like sparking new writing especially when feeling unmotivated, dialogue (tips and how to know if dialogue is not working), and tone, mood, and atmosphere. Topics requested in session evaluations include

The Craft of Short Story Writing

Developing Memorable Characters and Interesting Plots

Scene Breaks and Manuscript Formatting

Combatting Writer’s Block and Doubt   

The Business of Writing  

When you register, you’re encouraged to indicate your priority topic and any specific questions related to that topic (which I will answer as much as I am able to) so that the remaining sessions of 2022 can emphasize participant priorities.

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3 thoughts on “REGISTER Now for October Writing Workshop

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    NOTICE –
    Two free spots are available in the next Jhohadli Writing Project creative writing workshop scheduled for October 7th 2022. If you’re in Antigua and Barbuda, and do any kind of writing, or have interest in doing so, email by October 4th 2022 to express your interest in redeeming one of the available spots. Facilitator is writer and editor Joanne C. Hillhouse. Anyone else interested in registering can also email before October 4th 2022 for registration information. Sessions will be virtual.

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