Journaling Writing 29-01-23 (Plus Reading Journal and Sunday Post)

Yeah, this is kind of a catch-all. I’ll link it up with the Caffeinated Reviewer’s Sunday Post.

Journaling Writing – had my second impromptu roadside writing activity this year. The last one was over coffee; this one was so much more unplanned (neither one was planned but yesterday’s was coffee-less) – some combination of walking the streets of my old neighbourhood and a recent conversation about school times producing an urgency to put pen to paper. I sat on the steps of a closed up corner shop and filled several pages and when I stopped writing plot threads related to the story were still unravelling and trying to find their way to each other. I may have a new story (watch this space).

Reading Journal – I finished the book I was asked to blurb and wrote a review but I won’t share it until the public rollout of the book begins. I DNF’d for now slain Guyanese writer and activist Walter Rodney’s How Europe Underdeveloped Africa, and, as usual, especially with books I think are worth reading even if I have temporarily or permanently shelved them, explained why in Blogger on Books. I read a bit more of British writer Ann Morgan’s Crossing Over and the only reason I’m not more than 20 pages in is time. Dipped in to a few literary journals, Sky Islands with its various stories of an alternate Caribbean, including my own story “Ixie and Izzy“, Dappled Things, a Catholic journal which just published my poem “Happy New Year”, and Speak Out! 4 (be sure to check out my reviews of 1, 2, and 3).

Life things – …besides it being entirely too loud this morning for a Sunday and me missing the island rhythms of my childhood when Sundays were organically mostly stiller than the rest of the week???…I’m trying to strike a balance between staying on top of things and not killing myself with anxiety…writing is helping…but even with journaling again, it’s hard to get things ordered, some ying yang beween trying to hold too many things in your hand and dumms picking.

My Antiguan Writer YouTube channel hit a milestone, vote in the poll under the community tab of how we celebrate, and check this post from the Wadadli Pen blog to see what other content and writing goals I have coming up.

Okay, enough procrastinating; I have cleaning to do…and hopefully lots more writing.

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