Dreaming without Boundaries – To be a Cheetah is Coming: Pre-order Now

To be a Cheetah, my fourth children’s book, eighth book overall, a collaboration with Antiguan and Barbudan artist Zavian Archibald and publisher Sunbird Books in the US, drops July 2023 and is now available for pre-order (wherever you buy books online). For people in Antigua and Barbuda, and the Caribbean, a launch event is being planned with the Best of Books bookstore (which has hosted all my local book launch events to date) and you can also pre-order through them. I’m hoping you’re as excited for this book’s release as I am. If so, don’t wait for it to hit shelves; pre-order now. By doing so, you not only get your hands on the book early o’clock but help ensure a successful launch as pre-orders

-signal reader/marketplace interest in the forthcoming book to the publisher & primes them to meet what I anticipate (hope!) will be great demand

-build buzz and potentially impacting retail orders

-boost first week sales which can launch the book on to bestseller lists that then boost sales going forward

-support the continued viability of the indie and brick and mortar bookstores that are some of the biggest advocates for authors in y/our local community (I’ve informed every bookstore on my mailing list of this forthcoming book and hopefully you will help encourage your local bookstore to order it as well)

Let’s make this one a bestseller!!!!!….!!!!!!

I’m serious. I may be on an island in the Caribbean but my dreams have always been without boundaries. Which, you’ll find out, is very much in sync with the book’s messaging.

It is a book, by the way, that’s really close to my heart having begun life as a poem I wrote for the nephew whose whimsical imaginings inspired it. I gifted that poem to him and at some point shared it with my agent, Sara C., whom I have to give props for never doubting we would make a sale and here we are, and I am especially happy that Antiguan and Barbudan artist Zavian Archibald is a part of the deal – you’re going to love her illustrations!

Here’s a teaser from the publisher website:

“A cheetah is what I want to be…nothing would be faster than me!” As a mother tucks her little dreamer into bed, she lets him know that wherever he goes, he can always come home. This loving bedtime story transports readers from a cozy bedroom to the savannas of Africa and back again. Rich illustrations capture the natural world and the warmth of a mother-son relationship. – book summary

The hardcover edition of To be a Cheetah lands in July. For ISBN, suggested age, etc., see my Books page.

Stay tuned (follow the blog or my socials) for news of the launch event & remember to pre-order. It helps.

Thanks for past and in anticipation of future support.

ETA: I’m always promoting others (and I definitely encourage you to check out my review of Carol Mitchell’s What start bad ah Morning which will be released later this year – definitely add that to your can’t wait list), but honestly (and without apology) my Can’t Wait Wednesday is To be a Cheetah – this never gets old.

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