Sunday Musing…and Meme-ing

When people show you who they are and the ways they won’t show up for you when you’ve shown up for them; when people drop the mask and show you the malice in their heart. It hurts. Whether you’re 4 or 44. Though I suppose the older you are, the greater fool you feel.

Trust is a difficult thing.

Not just in terms of trusting someone not to steal from you or spill your secrets; but in trusting them not to sully the parts of you you leave open to them.

But we will get sullied and bruised. Facts.

But we get up, stretch, put on some music, sing, and work on letting go all of the negative energy that’s become a physical pain; and at risk of getting bruised, remain open. With tougher skin but, God willing, not a hardened heart.

Work in progress.

Book news

Meanwhile this is my Sunday Post (via Caffeinated Book Reviewer) and my Sunday Salon posts as well, (ETA: Also adding this to Tynga’s Stacking the Shelves and Mailbox Monday) so let’s get to talking about those books, shall we.

New in book news for me this week, my story ‘Amelia at Devil’s Bridge’ is excerpted in a revision text.

I participated in a promo event for World Intellectual Property Day. 18073546_10158543490780048_915343884_n

I added a new review to the Blogger on Books page – though technically it’s an old review, because I’m still reading as slowly as ever…but I’m changing my mindset about that; it’s not a race…books are to be savoured like all good things.

Around the blogosphere

I shared this things I know for sure post by Anne Lamott from TED

And this post on the passing of Jonathan Demme from Repeating Islands

With a few thoughts of my own in both cases.

Right now, I’m sitting on my porch, listening to music, feeling the breeze, later, the beach, hopefully, but right now three books – All the Joy You Can Stand by Debrena Jackson Gandy, BIM Volume 8, and Closure(almost done) – tableside.

The music that put me in the musing mood

Anne Lamott shares 12 Things She knows for Sure

Anne Lamott speaks at TED2017, April 28, 2017, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Photo: Marla Aufmuth / TED Author Anne Lamott recently turned 61. So she’s compiled the following list of “every single true thing I know.” A brief recap: All truth is a paradox. “Life is a precious unfathomably beautiful gift, and it is impossible here,”…

via 12 things I know for sure: Anne Lamott speaks at TED2017 — TED Blog

When you’re done reading that, check out what I had to say about her book Bird by Bird a little while ago.

Blogger on Books IV

Blogger on Books lV has been ‘updated’ with reflections on the first two issues of the revived BIM lit journal out of Barbados. Previously posted reviews are linked at the bottom of the page. If you want to comment on those earlier reviews, do so on the book’s specific page. If you want to comment on the ‘new’ review, do it here because remember the main Blogger on Books page, changes with each new book written about.

Source: Blogger on Books IV


“A thin girl crouches behind the cover of a cassi tree when she hears cars, more than one, coming up the path. She is naked and old enough now, at thirteen, to be embarrassed by that. Her mind is a fog and she is wet, as if she’s been in the water.”

This just in – and by in, I mean, in the mail, as in the book finally making it’s way here via our mail service, opening it and seeing…my story ‘Amelia at Devil’s Bridge’, previously published in Pepperpot: Best New Stories from the Caribbean, now excerpted on P. 97 of Collins Concise Revision Course CSEC English A. With revision questions – e.g. ‘what is “rocks are sharper than a coconut vendor’s cutlass” in line 11 an example of’ and ‘What do you think was the writer’s intention when she wrote this story’. Kinda trippy. Never pictured my fiction in an academic book. But there it is. #TheWritingLife

(Images – me with the book on my crappy web cam; and a book flyer I did for a fair I participated in on the day the book arrived – it was both a highlight and confusing when my father looked at the flyer and said you have stuff in all these, because as much as your family knows about this writing thing you do, and has been very supportive of your journey, it’s never really real is it…or maybe he’s just wondering how I could have stuff in all those and not be rolling in money…fair question).

Anyway, click the link for my books.

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Writing is Your Business is Back – Register Now

ETA: Want to pitch Writing is Your Business l and Persuasive Public Speaking to your boss or HR manager, here’s a letter explaining what it’s all about: Letter to businesses April 2017

I first offered this course in 2016. Engagement was successful and reviews were positive. It’s been a minute, but it’s back, still under the banner of Barbara Arrindell & Associates .

If you’re a working person in Antigua and Barbuda who wants to improve her/his written (and/or oral) communication skills, here’s where you start:


To download registration form, right click above or download this: BA & A registration both 2017