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Interviews and other media coverage

December 2016 – My publisher posted this shortly before the launch of my book With Grace. It was conducted by publisher Mario Picayo who is himself a children’s book author. Have a read.

July 2016 – Naomi Jackson, an American author with Caribbean roots (in Barbados and Antigua) is the author of the critically-acclaimed Star Side of Bird Hill. She made picks of her own for the American Scholar, a list of 10 books about exile and displacement that included Grace Jones’ Ill Never Write My Memoirs, Sherman Alexie’s National Book Award Winning The Absolutely True Story of a Part Time Indian, A Thread of Sky by Deanna Fei, Jeannette Winterson’s Oranges are not the Only Fruit, Man Booker Winner A Brief History of Seven Killings by Marlon James, Anna-in-Between by Elizabeth Nunez, Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, and two Antiguan picks – Jamaica Kincaid’s Lucy (which you’ll also find on my 2016 summer reading list) and my book Oh Gad! Read the reasons behind her picks.

May 2016 – a mention in this BGIS Media article announcing the BIM Lit Fest & in this article  re their Literary Jollification; with the Bookends supplement in Jamaica’s Observer running an excerpt from Musical Youth which you can read here: Bookends May 2016

February 2016 – Here, some coverage in The Crier. Below, some coverage in Observer. Both on the heels of my Essence article.


February 2016 – produced a feature article for Essence magazine – the article Mirror Mirror touched on the theme of self-acceptance where it intersects with colour, a theme explored in my YA novel Musical Youth, a 2014 finalist for the Burt Award for teen/YA Caribbean literature. Peep the excitement (below) because (hello!) Essence!!!!


January 2016 – Sunday Guardian – I’m not specifically mentioned but I was a part of this opportunity to connect with writers and editors from across the Caribbean and its diaspora, also a professional development exercise with specific focus on my editing skills.

January 2016 – Report from the Just Write Writers’ Retreat where I facilitated a session on editing.

November 2015 – Popreel – Swedish TV interview (begins about 9 minutes in but watch the whole thing if you have the time) –

This is the Teacher’s Guide related to the image above.

November 2015 – The Real 268 Woman interview in Caribbean Times

September 2015 – Art. Culture. Antigua on my participation in Brooklyn Book Festival

September 2015 – Bookworm (Swedish programme) interview.

August 2015 – Interview with Geosi Gyasi at Geosi Reads: a World of Literary Pieces

July 2015 – interview with Anderson Edghill for ABS TV

June 2015 – Musical Youth review by Dr. Jessie Voigts and interview with me about the book at Wandering Educators.

 “I’m so very impressed, and extremely happy to share this book with our Wandering Educators.” – Dr. Jessie Voigts

June 2015 – Me, talking books over at the Hamlet Hub.

June 2015 – in Essence magazine – “Writers from other Caribbean nations, such as novelist Joanne C. Hillhouse of Antigua, also played a part in the discussions, drawing on the vastness of voices from the African diaspora. In a side conversation, Hillhouse emphasized the significance of having role models to help nurture one’s writing spirit. Jamaica Kincaid, also from Antigua, provided that for Hillhouse—showing her the possibilities for a Black Caribbean woman in the literary world. Drawing ironically on this principle, Hillhouse was surprised to learn from one of the student participants that her book The Boy from Willow Bend, about an Antiguan boy finding his way through life, is required reading in some Anguillian schools.”

June 2015 – Hugo award winning author Mary Robinette Kowal graciously hosted me on her popular site to discuss my favourite bits of Musical Youth.

April 2015 – Caribbean Reads newsletterFrom the Caribbean Reads April newsletter.

April 2015 – Petamber Persaud writes about the Burt Award in the Guyana Chronicle. Writing “Musical Youth by Joanne C. Hillhouse is a series of conversations on various subjects like racism, shadeism, relationships – man/woman, family, consequences of liaisons –  sins of grand/parents falling on their descendants. It is also a love story of two gifted musicians who found their way through music while working on (a) summer musical. The story is fast-paced and engaging, a writer doing an excellent job with her tools of trade right down to a song titled ‘Melanin’ written by the two protagonists.” See the full article on page 3 or read it here.

February 2015 – In the Black: New African Canadian Literature – remember that one? Edited by Antigua and Barbuda’s own Althea Prince and including writing by me and others (mostly writers of Caribbean descent based in Canada – is on this Black History Month book list.

February 2015 – “Oh GAD” by Joanne C. HILLHOUSE this is the novel Karine SALCEDE presented on Friday February 20th  2015  at la Mediathèque du Gosier. 20150220-190601After a short introduction of the book in French, she did a presentation for the l’Association des Professeurs d’Anglais de la Guadeloupe which you can read here: oh-gad-article2

“Many of us who had not yet read the book are ready to buy it now to read for ourselves, be it by ordering with the shopkeeper, by ordering a paper version, or an e-book on the Internet.”

February 2015 – guest blog ‘Second Acts’ at Novel Spaces.

with interviewer, Cuthbert, on Good Morning Antigua and Barbuda Teen Edition February 2015.

with interviewer, Cuthbert, on Good Morning Antigua and Barbuda Teen Edition February 2015.

February 2015 – Clare Hall Students Meet Local Authors in Caribbean Times.

January 2015 – “All-in-all Musical Youth is an entertaining read that reminds teenagers that they will survive their troubles. The writing is vivid; the characters are credible; the idea of using music as a thread to tie the characters together is brilliant.” Read full Trinidad Guardian review.

December 2014 – Digging through the Fat shared Something Wicked (published in the Missing Slate) and Children Melee (published in Moko)

December 2014 – Burt Award Winning Title Musical Youth Donated to the Public Library of Antigua and Barbuda (disseminated by CODE)

December 2014 – 6 Books to Add to Your Children’s Library This Christmas

November 2014 – Antigua Guardianguardian2

November 2014 – The Whimsical Project

November 2014 – Judging a Book at Novel Spaces

November 2014 – Antiguan Author Releases Award-Winning Novel, Musical Youth – picked up by media like the Daily Observer, Antigua Chronicle, and Repeating Islands.

October 2014 – Grab Life by the Lapels – the Interview

October 2014 – The View from Here: Books from Caribbean Authors (on BookerTalk)

August 2014 – Sizzling Books for Summer Reading in The Jamaica Gleaner. It mentions Pepperpot and She Sex, two books in which I’m anthologized.

August 2014 – Elizabeth Nunez discusses Oh Gad! on NPR (UPDATED TO ADD THE FULL TRANSCRIPT)

July 2014 – Caribbean Beat reports on the Burt Award

June 2014 – the Emerge interview

June 2014 – Bookends interview about Musical Youth and more.

May 2014 – Bookends covers PEN World Voices festival


April 2014 – Burt Award winners announced (also in the Arc, House of the Arts, Global Voices – which excerpted from this blogTrinidad Express x2Jamaica Gleaner, Susumba)

2014 Burt Award winner A-dZiko Gegele with runner up Joanne C. Hillhouse.

2014 Burt Award winner A-dZiko Gegele with runner up Joanne C. Hillhouse.

April 2014 – Commonwealth Writers report on their panel at the Aye Write! Festival of which I was a part.

April 2014 – Interviewed on the British Council website

Joanne, left, with Belizean writer Ivory Kelly at Aye Write!

Joanne, left, with Belizean writer Ivory Kelly at Aye Write!

March 2014 – Named to the Burt Award short list 2

March 2014 – food themed interview at Cynthia Nelson’s food blog Tastes Like Home

March 2014 – author exchange with N’Tyse here’s mine, here’s hers.

October 2013 – an article on Wadadli Pen that I wrote for Bookbird.

Wadadli Pen awards 2014.

Wadadli Pen awards 2014.

March 2013 – Coverage of reading at Greenland Books and Things in St. Kitts in the Labour Spokesman:
“Miss Hillhouse’s novel Oh Gad! continued the historical theme from the perspective of the fiction writer. Her selected reading emphasised the conflict between development and heritage. That reading illustrated the power of ancestors and ancestry and the force of the knowledge of ancestry and identity.”

reading St Kitts1

March 2013 – Interview at Susumba. Shooting for Happiness – Joanne C. Hillhouse talks writing and more.

February 2013 – Interview at Fabulous ‘N Frugal for the site’s Dreamgirl series.

December 2012 – While promoting my book I was asked to do an article on essential Antiguan and Barbudan fiction for Caribbean Hot Properties (find it on Page 78). Then I decided to do a list on Caribbean literature that was accepted at the African American Literature Book Club. Enjoy!

November 2012 – This is a piece on the Wadadli Pen writing programme in Caribbean Beat. Hope you’ll check it out.

Wadadli Pen awards ceremony 2013.

Wadadli Pen awards ceremony 2013.

October 29th 2012 – Interview with Sandra Sealey at

October 28th 2012 – broadcast on ABS TV of Books Bookshelves and Bibliophiles book club discussion led by Brenda Lee Browne at D’Cups in Antigua. Broadcast time is 8 p.m. Watch the live stream here. Upload to follow in the uncertain future.


with Brenda Lee Browne.

October 16th 2012 – Daily-16-10-12-No-241 On page 9 of this issue of the Daily Observer, you’ll find a review by Claudia Francis of Oh Gad! She says, among other things: “I like this book, I like it very much and if you
who crave a good Antiguan read this is the book…Oh Gad! Is a compelling read and is Ms. Hillhouses’s third book and first full length novel. Antigua produces its fair share of artistic talent. Joanne Hillhouse is right there at the top and is a home grown girl.”

with Claudia Elizabeth Ruth Francis.

with Claudia Elizabeth Ruth Francis.

October 11th 2012 – Rated a mention in Issue 195 of the African American Literature Book Club’s newsletter. “The AALBC is a web site dedicated to boos and film by and about people of African descent. Founded in 1997, by Troy Johnson, is a widely recognized source of author profiles, book reviews, book recommendations, active discussions, writer resources, interviews, articles, videos, and film reviews.” My thanks to them for mentioning me.

October 1st 2012 – Got this in the email today, the latest edition of the Friends of Antigua Public Library newsletter Vol7No1 which features me on the cover (yay!) and coverage of the book launch hosted by them in New York. Thanks to them for that; also, read on through the issue, among other great pieces there’s the exciting news that Oh Gad! is next up for discussion at their book club meeting.

September 10th 2012 – Kelcey Parker is the author of For Sale by Owner and owner of the site ‘ph.d in creative writing and other stories’. She’s also my interviewer for a September 2012 edition of her ‘Interviews: How to become a writer’ series. Read it here.

 July 2012 – Video clips from the NY launch of Oh Gad! now posted to facebook and amazon.

May 2012 – @ Unheard Words – interview

May 2012 – @ Your Style – interview: ‘Joanne C. Hillhouse frees her mind’ (Page 17)

April 24th 2012 – on the Colin Sampson Show, Carib Arena TV

April 17th 2012 – Commonwealth Writers Talks to Joanne C. Hillhouse

April 11th 2012 – @ Caribbean Book Blog – interview

April 3rd 2012 – @ Caribbean Literary Salon – interview

January 6th 2012 – @ Mindy Hardwick’s Blog – interview

2010 – @ Caribbean Literary Salon – interview

Guest Blogs

June 2014 – @ She Writes – Adventures in Editing

August 2013 – a fan encounter recounted at Blurb is a Verb. Oh Gad!

Oh Gad cover

March 2013 – Guest blog at Novel Spaces on the Public and Private world of the writer.

June 14th 2012 – @ But What Are They Eating? – Guest Post: “E Bang Good”

May 31st 2012 – @ She Writes – Featured Blog: “Not the Same Old Carnival”

May 7th – 2012 – @ She Writes – Featured Blog: Postings from Paramaribo series (One, Two, Three and Three and a half, Four, Five)

Presentation at ACWWS.

Presentation at ACWWS.

April 26th 2012 – @ Colorimetry – Guest Post

April 15th 2012 – @ Novel Spaces – Guest Post: Love and Literature

April 12th 2012 – @ She Writes – Featured Blog: No Free Launches

with Marcus Christopher at Oh Gad! launch. (Photo by Eustace Samuel).

with Marcus Christopher at Oh Gad! launch. (Photo by Eustace Samuel).

April 12th 2012 – @ She Writes – Featured Blog: It Pays to Give Back

December 31st 2011 – @ Novel Spaces – “Got a Reading? Don’t Sweat it”

Thanks as well to those who provided coverage of the launch and related activities through posting of announcements and press releases, excerpts, recommendations and more; sites like 365 Antigua, AALBC.comPublishers Weekly,  Signifying GuyanaBajan Sun OnlineUnwound Magazine, Antigua Press Releases, Caribbean Book Blog, Repeating Islands, Trip Antigua, Daily ObserverCarib Arena, Caribbean E MagazineGeoffrey Philp Blogspot, Wealth of Ideas, Jay Blessed, Cutlass and Cane, The Dominican, D A Vibes, Antigua Nice, Repeating Islands, Tastes like Home , Grub Street Daily, Carib Daily, and others.


February 25th 2013 – @ Womanlution (re The Boy from Willow Bend)

The Boy from Willow Bend today as a 2009 Hansib publication with a new cover by Antiguan and Barbudan artist Heather Doram

The Boy from Willow Bend today as a 2009 Hansib publication with a new cover by Antiguan and Barbudan artist Heather Doram

“The musicality of the authentic, Antiguan language resonates like wind dipping in and out of multicolored bottle trees…Imagine being a youth with no one for support, only a drunk grandfather who takes out his frustration on you.  Imagine handling all of this turmoil while trying to survive poverty.  But Vere survives and develops an inner strength that frees him from his situation. Vere’s story may take place in Antigua, but the problems he experiences are universal. The book is a great resource to discuss those experiences in the classroom and learn about different cultures and language.  Language inquiry offers adolescents to study language through a network of social constructs such as gender, power structures, race/culture, and class.  It also provides them with an opportunity to study the structure of language linguistically.  Students can examine the lexicon/vocabulary, morphology, phonetics, syntax, rhetorical features, and pragmatic nature of the Antiguan language.”

November 25th 2012 – @ Herald Arts and Life (re In the Black)
In the Black cover

“This cadent collection of poetry and prose from some of Canada’s most gifted black writers is moving, and sometimes disturbing, for readers of any colour….Joanne C. Hillhouse included her fascinating story The Man of Her Dreams. It describes a politician’s assistant falling in love with him, almost unknowingly, without realizing it until the day he marries one of her best friends. The scene where she blurts everything out at the wedding microphone is quite funny.”

October 16th 2012 – @ the blog Conquering Book Mountain (re Oh Gad!)

In addition to giving us the story of Nikki’s finding herself, the reader is given a look into the Antiguan culture. The dialect is wonderfully written and rolls off the mental tongue while reading it. The book also touches on the subject of developing the country and its effects on the people who live there.

October 16th 2012 – by Claudia Elizabeth Ruth Francis – published in the Daily Observer newspaper (re Oh Gad!)

I like this book, I like it very much and if you who crave a good Antiguan read this is the book…The story is contemporary and a page turner…Land Issues, work ethics, bribery, corruption, the perceived power of wealth and the expectations or lack of them depending on one’s socio economic position in society. The implications of raising such questions in a contemporary book are interesting. Ms. Hillhouse is brave and I applaud her talent.”

April 2012 – By Barbara Arrindell – published on the Best of Books page and circulated to various media (re Oh Gad!)

“it was a great read. A really well written book.”

April 23rd 2012 – By David B. DaCosta – published at the Caribbean Literary Salon    (re Oh Gad!)

“Hillhouse expertly reels the reader deeply within the cultural fabric of Antiguan society.”

July 2012 – By Brenda Lee Browne – published at her Handbags and Chocolate blog (re Oh Gad!)

“Joanne’s confidence in telling our story in a contemporary setting with some history and mythology thrown in without making you feel like you got to go to university to understand that our navel string is tied to the ‘muddy’ and sucks up our ancestors……bravo Joanne…bravo…..can’t wait to see this on the ‘Book Club”list across the diaspora and beyond.”

Reader Reviews:

@ Amazon

“When the main character Nikki accepted a job offered by a handsome politician,
my first thought was ‘oh boy, another run-of-the-mill romance’, but Hillhouse
unpeeled layer after layer of detail, intricacy and intrigue, finally exposing a
most satisfying conclusion.”

@ Facebook

“I fully enjoyed it. It made me both curious about and familiar with Antigua. The characters are so vivid, that I got this idea that when I will visit Antigua, I will meet them in the streets.”

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I’m coming across some coverage of the earlier part of my writing career; there hasn’t been a lot…so I’ll add them here for now.

This one is from the Antigua Sun. When it came out, I remember feeling a weird combination of gratitude for the coverage, dissatisfaction with some of its assumptions or implications (things perhaps obvious only to me), and uncomfortable as only talking and/or writing about myself can make me feel.  But  I recently recovered it and as it’s one of the few articles surrounding the release of my first book, and in the interest of sharing, here it is: Joanne Hillhouse introduces a Boy from Willow Bend – Local Author produces her First Novella with Macmillan