Literary Scrap Book

I’ve kept keepsakes since the start of my literary career, and before.  I’ve never kept one in a virtual space before; so, I’m not sure how this will evolve but I’m curious  to see. For X-tras, see my Media page. Content uploaded with the more recent entries at the top.

student fan One day in October 2019 I was working from local bookstore the Best of Books (which has been known to accommodate my presence) and this young lady was in and when she found out that I was the author of Musical Youth wanted to take a picture with me. So, we took a picture. Good thing I was wearing something shiny. Forever humbled by the way readers, especially but not exclusively teen/young adult readers, have embraced this book.

live-flyer-2 – this flyer is meaningful to me for a number of reasons, getting to do this live with Danielle, who illustrated the book and made the flyer by the way, teaching myself how to do my first youtube live stream, doing my first event for my latest book at the time, The Jungle Outside, and happy with the outcome – 2021

made Kirkus’ top 100 indie list of 2020 – also named among the top romance and teen/young adult indies

Read Patricia Fay’s Creole Clay in 2020 and got a shout out –

Creole Clay Patricia Fay

-another insta find – 2020

Updated Author Interview scrapbook maybeScreenshot_20200720-111302Screenshot_20200720-111311– 2020 – here’s the conversation referenced.

IMG_20200716_175148 – 2020 – signed copies of Musical Youth, Lost! A Caribbean Sea Adventure, and With Grace donated to the Observer Radio Voice of the People summer reading project (for prizes)

2020 – after the Women of Wadadli Awards – my prize (for literature) and programme on my dress –

Screenshot_20200716-223134 – 2020 – spotted on instagram Interviewing the Caribbean – the one with my book With Grace on the cover

insta poem  – 2020 – found this poem which includes a line from one of my books on Instagram

jhohadli scrap book2014 Antigua and Barbuda Review of Books

Sade-2012 – a wonder of the internet was this data base which finds references to things and people across several books; e.g. Sade in my book Oh Gad!

In 2011, the Public Library posted this antigua public library

pop up book boy from wb3 Circa 2011 – this was sent to me by a teacher/teacher education student – it’s a class project (?) featuring my first book The Boy from Willow Bend in the shape of Antigua, on the wall next to Shakespeare.