Literary Scrap Book

I’ve kept keepsakes since the start of my literary career, and before.  I’ve never kept one in a virtual space before; so, I’m not sure how this will evolve but I’m curious  to see. For X-tras, see my Media page. Content uploaded with the more recent entries at the top.

made Kirkus’ top 100 indie list of 2020 – also named among the top romance and teen/young adult indies

-another insta find – 2020

Updated Author Interview scrapbook maybeScreenshot_20200720-111302Screenshot_20200720-111311– 2020 – here’s the conversation referenced.

IMG_20200716_175148 – 2020 – signed copies of Musical Youth, Lost! A Caribbean Sea Adventure, and With Grace donated to the Voice of the People summer reading project (for prizes)

Screenshot_20200716-223134 – 2020 – spotted on instagram Interviewing the Caribbean – the one with my book With Grace on the cover

insta poem  – 2020 – found this poem which includes a line from one of my books on Instagram

jhohadli scrap book2014 Antigua and Barbuda Review of Books

Sade-2012 – a wonder of the internet was this data base which finds references to things and people across several books; e.g. Sade in my book Oh Gad!

  Circa 2011 – this was sent to me by a teacher/teacher education student – it’s a class project (?) featuring my first book The Boy from Willow Bend in the shape of Antigua, on the wall next to Shakespeare.