(Image – me, far left in yellow – Miranda Askie designs – with other Caribbean writers and lit arts activists at the 2015 Brooklyn Book Festival)

Platforms managed and/or curated by someone else may be found on the media page. As a reminder, my books are available across multiple online retail platforms (including African American Literary Book Club, Amazon, Anansesem, Audible, Barnes & Noble, Caribbean Books Foundation, Chattel Books, Indiebound, and more) plus a book store near you – support our brick and mortar book stores , or order directly from the publishers. For information on my services, here’s where you go.

Listed below is my self-curated presence around social media. Some I engage with regularly, some irregularly, and some not at all.

This is the regular-ish list:

@ Caribbean Creative Network 

@ Facebook


@ LinkedIn

@ Twitter

@ Wadadli Pen (the blog of the Wadadli Youth Pen Prize)

@ You Tube

This is the listing of places where I do have a presence but do not regularly, actively engage:

@ Bloglovin

@ Goodreads

@ Know Your Pros

@ Literary Addicts

@ Pinterest

@ Poets and Writers

@ Wadadli Pen (on You Tube)

@ Women Who Live on Rocks

The answer to the question of how much to share online is ever shifting.  On this journey of promoting my books and literary services, I’ve tried to learn from the kind of queries that come in and be as comprehensive as I can (within reason) so that if you’re a student studying my books, or a reporter researching who I am, or something else, you should be able to find it here on the site or other social media link. It is not always possible to respond to direct queries. So I don’t promise that. But if after all that digging, you haven’t found what you’re looking for, you can also Contact me But please use the resources available on this blog or linked  before doing so.

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N.B. This page is in development.

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