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Writing off the Map in Signifying  Guyana – 2010 (reposted in 2011 to Blurb is a Verb)


I hope to be similarly stimulated through my interactions with this small group and outside of it, to continue to strive for authenticity (and avoid self-censorship; another of those challenges for writers writing from a small place – just ask Kincaid).


Defining Moments in Geoffrey Philp’s Blog Spot – 2010


I know I am a writer, because as I drove to that writers’ group meeting, musing on things, my fingers itched to pick at the scabs with paper and pen.
So it was, for instance, that I was seeing, with new clarity, the parallels between inaugural winner Gemma George’s ‘Stray Dog Prepares for the Storm’ and Damani Tabor’s ‘Irate Beggar,’ one with a dog and the other with a human at their center but both really speaking to the way society recoils from its responsibility to the less fortunate.
What Calypso taught me about writing in Daily Observer (Antigua)- 2007 (abridged from a presentation during the Calypso Association Conference; later published in the 2008 edition of the Antigua and Barbuda International Literary Festival anniversary magazine and posted in 2010 at the Caribbean Literary Salon)

Calypso in many ways was the ‘novel’ of the masses, all the devices, themes, and key story elements deftly used by the likes of Shelly Tobitt, Marcus Christopher, and others.


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