Other Published Writing – Other

Joanne’s List: Caribbean Books for Children in Interviewing the Caribbean Vol. 5 No. 1 – Caribbean Childhood: Trauma and Triumphs Pt. 1 – UWI Press – December 2019


With Grace

A Life in Mas in Moko: Caribbean Arts and Letters – 2018


“Back then it was just a feeling that exploded in my body like fireworks. That’s what mas is at its purest, that feeling: pure joy.

I would capture that feeling from the inside for the first time the first time I played mas in 1989.”


Feeling the GHETTO VIBES in the Antigua and Barbuda Review of Books – 2011


Althea Prince: Writing What She Intuits in the Antigua and Barbuda Review of Books – 2011


Perspectives on Contemporary Media Trends in Antigua and Barbuda in the CLR James Journal – 2007

Note: This is a research paper I presented at the first Antigua and Barbuda conference in 2004 and was subsequently invited to submit for publication.


I’ve written many articles for many publications (some linked here)  over the years, as either a staff or freelance journalist and features writer. This page is for creative essays and research papers which are not paid assignments. In addition to this page and articles linked above, be sure to, also, check out my Guest Blogs and other Writing on the Media page, as well as my  published short fiction and poetry, and books.

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