Antigua and Barbuda

46584_427521116089_2983708_n[1]Antigua and Barbuda is my home country. It’s also where I live and it is the landscape (and heart and soul and inspiration) of much of my writing.


As a way of keeping this page active, giving you something else to come back to time and again, I thought I’d begin to upload information on Antigua and Barbuda. But not just any and any information. Information of people, places and things that show up in my writing.

But how to tackle it?

I think, for now, I’ll begin with Oh Gad! and take it chapter by chapter…first in the acknowledgments you’ll find mention of:

The Museum of Antigua and Barbuda. A project of the Historical and Archeological Society, it’s housed in one of the oldest buildings in St. John’s City – the courthouse, dating back to the 1700s. Whether passing through by cruise ship or staying for more than a day, it’s a must stop. (Also see the old Museum website here).


Exif JPEGFolk pottery making in Sea View Farm. It’s kind of cool to see my grandmother’s name on Wikepedia: ” Elvie’s Pottery is the oldest pottery still in operation in Antigua today where traditional handmade pottery can still be seen. The pottery goes back about 200 years.”

<—Elvie, that’s my dad’s mom.

His sister Hyacinth keeps the pottery making tradition learned from her Exif JPEG
mother alive to this day. —>

Why am I telling you all this, because though Oh Gad!  is far-far-far (did I mention faaaar) from biographical, Sea View Farm is a featured locale and pottery making a visual and thematic motif. The title of the book is Oh Gad! Read the book to find out why and what that has to do with pottery.

Oh, and check out this link by Antigua Bliss about Elvie’s Pottery. Want to own a piece of art carved from Antiguan clay? Place your orders by visiting them on the Sea View Farm main road or calling (268) 463-1888.

In my research, I credit the writings of Antiguan historians Desmond Nicholson,  Selvyn Walter, and Joy Lawrence; you’ll find their books on the Antiguan and Barbudan Writings list on my other blog, Wadadli Pen. I mention the Best of Books a local bookstore; speaking of which, two other local writers mentioned in my acknowledgments are Althea Prince and D. Gisele Isaac – you can find their books on that list of Antiguan and Barbudan Writings at the Wadadli Pen site as well. The other thing I mentioned for the literary traveler is the Antigua and Barbuda International Literary Festival. It’s been on hiatus, but may be back in future.

Speaking of things Antiguan, the cover for The Boy from Willow Bend (the one to the far right) was done by Antiguan and Barbudan artist Heather Doram.

Speaking of things Antiguan, the cover for The Boy from Willow Bend (the one to the far right) was done by Antiguan and Barbudan artist Heather Doram.

Finally, on the subject of books, I hope you’ll check mine (especially Oh Gad!) out as well.

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