Writer’s Gallery Launch Event – Oh Gad! (2012)


Oh Gad! launched in April 2012…at midnight. Why? Trying something different: an event launch, a different type of lime, complete with cake (a gift: thanks, Mrs. Harrigan!), music (with my friend Alstyne, now gone, as DJ), and wine (a gift from C & C Winehouse). The event was held at the Best of Books, its Friars Hill Road branch. Photographs came from various sources but the professional photographers on the scene were Zahra Airall (of August Rush w/ her August Rush partner Linisa George capturing some video and images as well) and Eustace Samuel. Thanks to all of the above. Thanks as well for help with this and that to Dad, Robert, Sophia, Nicoya (as in hair by Nicoya), Monica, other family and friends, and everyone who came out. None of us do this alone. Was a highlight for me that cultural icon Marcus Christopher came out (my moment with him was the one that made the paper) and took the time to call me to tell me how much he liked the book. RIP to him as well.

Okay, enough talk; the pictures:


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