How do I Get Your Books?

This isn’t intended to be a listing of ALL places where my books

Books 2019

The Boy from Willow Bend
Dancing Nude in the Moonlight/Dancing Nude in the Moonlight 10th Anniversary Edition and Other Writings (out of print)
Oh Gad! (out of print)
Lost! A Caribbean Sea Adventure
Perdida! Una Aventura en el Mar Caribe
Musical Youth
With Grace

The Jungle Outside

are (or have been) available. I’d like to think that’s impossible because they’re in more places than I’ll ever know (a girl can dream). BUT. Given the challenge of getting books on to retail bookshelves, even or especially in the Caribbean as a Caribbean writer, and in response to the repeated question – where can I get your book, I thought it prudent to provide a listing of some of the places I’m aware of (that my publishers have informed me have or are carrying my books) so that if you happen to be in that country (emphasis on Caribbean country), you’ll know where to go.

To be clear, all of my books are also available internationally (e.g. at A Different Booklist in Canada)- so ask for them at your local bookstore and, if they don’t currently stock them, encourage them to do so, or order them online (ideally at indie sites like the African American Literature Book Club, ireadify, and indiebound – a community of independent online bookstores, though they’re at various online retailers, the Anansesem online bookstore to, Amazon) in format of your choice. Most are available as physical copies and ebooks, and at least one Lost! A Caribbean Sea Adventure, is also an audio book. For bookstores that would like to order, see the Books page for publisher links and book breakdowns.

If you’re on this list and shouldn’t be, you still can be.
If you’re not on this list and want to be, you know what to do.
If you’re reading this and are a book lover, anywhere in the world, please do encourage your local book store/s to carry my books.

Thanks and here’s the list (so far):


Coral Reef Book Store

Antigua and Barbuda

Best of Books
Cindy’s Bookstore
Ten Pages Bookstore
The Methodist Bookshop


Best of Barbados gift shops
Book Source
Chattel House Bookstore
Cloister Bookstore
SAP Limited (
UWI Bookstore


A Different Booklist


Jay’s Ltd.


Austin’s Book Store
Michael Forde Bookshop
New Era Business Enterprise


Headstart Books and Crafts
Island Books & Beyond Ltd.
The Kingston Bookshop
LMH Retail Mo-Bay (
Novelty Trading Co. Ltd.
Sangsters Book Store
University Bookshop

St. Kitts

Brimstone Hill Book Store
Greenlands Books and Things

St. Lucia

A. F. Valmont
Sunshine Bookshop


Charran Bookstore
Gurley & Associates (The Book Specialists)
Ishmael Khan & Sons Ltd
Keith Khan’s Books Etc. Ltd.
Mohammed’s Bookstore
Metropolitan Book Suppliers Ltd.
Nigel R. Khan Bookseller
Paper Based Bookshop (read the Paper Based blog’s review of Musical Youth)
RIK Services Limited
the University Book Shop – St. Augustine


Undercover Books
The Owl and the Seahorse
UVI Bookstore

Again, if you carry my books and you’re not listed, let me know; and if you’re a retailer who wishes to carry them, you can find the publisher links here. Readers help encourage your local bookstore to carry my books as well. Thanks.