CREATIVE SPACE 1 – Playing to Inspire 2 (sponsored by DBS)
CREATIVE SPACE 2 – Excavating History (sponsored by Joanne C. Hillhouse)

Lovers Rock5
CREATIVE SPACE 3 – Windrush to Lovers Rock (sponsored by BA&A)

CREATIVE SPACE 4 – It’s Game, Set, and …Win for Tennis Antigua-Barbuda (sponsored by Gemma Hazelwood Photography)
CREATIVE SPACE 5 – Opening the Mic (sponsored by Jhohadli Writing Services)
CREATIVE SPACE 6 – Barbuda – Homecoming (sponsored by Jhohadli Writing Project Creative Writing Workshop Series)
CREATIVE SPACE 7 – Carnival (sponsored by the Spirit of Carnival)
CREATIVE SPACE 8 – Carnival (Yes, Carnival Again) – (sponsored by Jhohadli Writing Project)
CREATIVE SPACE 9 – Watch Night to Emancipation Day (sponsored by Jhohadli Summer Youth Writing Project)
CREATIVE SPACE 10 – “Antigua Trade Mark Music” (sponsored by Musical Youth)
CREATIVE SPACE 11 – Musical Harmony (sponsored by JWP CWWS)
CREATIVE SPACE 12 – Theatre on the Road and on the Stage (sponsored by JWP CWWS)

government house2
CREATIVE SPACE 13 – Antigua and Barbuda: an Art, History, Culture Tour 1 (sponsored by BA&A)
CREATIVE SPACE 14 – Antigua and Barbuda: an Art, History, Culture Tour 2 (sponsored by Joanne C. Hillhouse *Jhohadli* Writing and Editing Services)

Eileen Hall
CREATIVE SPACE 15 – Antigua and Barbuda: an Art, History, Culture Tour 3 (sponsored by the Best of Books Bookstore)
CREATIVE SPACE 16 – the Lecture Circuit – Mas’king  (sponsored by Wadadli Pen #readAntiguaBarbuda #voteAntiguaBarbuda Book of the Year Readers Choice Challenge)
CREATIVE SPACE 17 – the Lecture Circuit – UnMasking (sponsored  ¡Perdida! Una Aventura En El Mar Caribe (Spanish Edition of Lost! A Caribbean Sea Adventure)
CREATIVE SPACE 18 – Arbor Day Fair
CREATIVE SPACE 19 – My Favourite Things

– By Joanne C. Hillhouse.

CREATIVE SPACE is designed to be a sponsored series written by author, journalist Joanne C. Hillhouse about Antiguan and Barbudan art and culture. It continues a tradition by Hillhouse of specializing in creative coverage, analysis, observance, advocacy, and criticism; and builds on a platform, CREATIVE SPACE, first popularized when her series of the same name ran in 2009 and 2010 in the LIAT inflight magazine. Hillhouse envisions CREATIVE SPACE as a series with multi-platform potential, and this online series is intended to be only one part of it. It is syndicated in Antigua Nice to expand the reach of the content. Businesses are invited to sponsor this series – boosting their brand while boosting Antiguan and Barbudan art and culture.  There is much more to come; contact me to see how you can be a part of it. Antigua Nice, one of Antigua and Barbuda’s first and largest online platforms. More to come. If you wish to support Antiguan and Barbudan art and culture while advertising your brand across potentially multiple online platforms, contact me.

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