Book Chat/Blogger on Books & Extras

I’m a book nerd at heart who loves reading almost as much as I love writing. Some days, more. This section of the site links my Blogger on Books series of book reviews in which I discuss books I’ve read and have something to say about (i.e. not every single book I’ve read). I don’t have a review policy as such except that I write about the books I want to talk about and if I don’t like a book at all, I probably won’t want to talk about it. I don’t do takedowns but no book is perfect and if I have criticisms of a book I like and choose to write about, I’ll state them. I do accept (and sometimes request) Review copies from authors and/or publishers but no promises re finishing or reviewing on a schedule (or at all), and my opinions are my own. As a writer myself I do understand how valuable reviews are and I do try, but reading is my happy place and in order to keep it so, I want to keep it free of obligation and just have fun with it. But if I love a book, trust, you’ll hear about it. See links below.

Blogger on Books I
Blogger on Books II
Blogger on Books III

(all above at the Wadadli Pen Blog and below here on the Jhohadli blog)

Blogger on Books IV (2016-2017)
Blogger on Books V (2017)
Blogger on Books VI (2018)
Blogger on Books VII (2019)
Blogger on Books VIII (2020)
Blogger on Books IX (2021)
Blogger on Books X (2022)
Blogger on Books XI (2023)

I also started a #BookChat unscripted vlog series. This is a generous assessment of the content I’ve so far uploaded to the Book Chat Playlist on my AntiguanWriter YouTube channel including reading vlogs, book club discussions, book lists, readings, and more (only a couple of video reviews included).

Brand sponsorships will probably be needed to reignite that as the vlogs are a little more work and my emphasis in that space right now has expanded to include other content, especially CREATIVE SPACE and #TheWritingLife

Finally, the Extras linked here is my just for fun Joanne’s Picks Page where I talk film and music usually, and usually it’s a listicle and it changes (old list out) whenever I come up with a new list.