Blogger on Books V (2017)

The Blogger on Books Series dates back to my time on My Space. Put a book nerd on social media, what am I going to talk about? Books, of course. And a series was born. I write about books just-read. Not every one; just the ones I want to write about. Catch Blogger on Books lV here on the site and Blogger on Books 1 through 3 on Wadadli Pen (my other blog). Every now and again I’ll migrate one of those My Space reviews over here as well; those are tagged as throwback reviews.

Last read …

For more recent reads, see Blogger on Books Vl

Older reads…

Abraham-Lincoln-Vampire-HunterHallGloriousTimesanchezPassionsSee now thenTuvalu_060822021548294_wideweb__300x464Sargasso

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith

The Antigua and Barbuda Review of Books Volume 10 Number 1 Summer 2017

Dia Critica 26/2 2012

The Fountain and the Bough by Eileen Hall

Glorioius by Bernice McFadden

In Time of Need by Shakirah Bourne

Interviewing the Caribbean Vol. 2., No. 1 :: Winter 2016

Like the Singing Coming off the Drums by Sonia Sanchez (throwback review)

Passions of the Soul by Elaine Olaoye (throwback review)

Saint Lucian Literature and Theatre: an Anthology of Reviews by John Robert Lee and Kendel Hippolyte

See Now Then by Jamaica Kincaid

Tuvalu by Andrew O’Connor (throwback review)

Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys

See Blogger on Books IV
See Blogger on Books III
See Blogger on Books II
See Blogger on Books I

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