Blogger on Books VI – The Awakening by L A Banks

Throwback review* – meaning a review that I posted back in my My Space days and am now relocating here.


The Awakening by L A Banks – I had hoped to escape into this one, but despite well drawn vampire lore and lots of heat and action, I just never really got my head in the game.

*That was my original ‘review’ in my MySpace days. As I post this here (in 2018), continuing the re-archiving of reviews that have since gone off-line, I should add that Banks died some years ago (RIP to her)…and that I may revisit this series (the Vampire Huntress series) some day as I really wanted to love it (because I participated in a Banks led workshop in 2006 and she was dope, because as a Buffy fan I was keen to have a similar series, only this time with a sister doing the ass-kicking, because I love a good fantasy series…and vampire fic) so it may have been a timing issue. Point is, it’s not off the table, and you should give it a try for yourself and let me know what you think.

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