Blogger on Books Vl – What Yellow Sounds Like by Linda Susan Jackson

 Throwback review – meaning a review that I posted back in my My Space days and am now relocating here.


What Yellow Sounds Like is all about the Blues – the angst and grit, sass and rhythm of it. That was my impression when I heard Linda Susan Jackson reading excerpts this year in 2007 at Calabash (lit fest in Jamaica); an impression that holds up on reading the compact collection (though, honestly, I preferred the listening to the reading). Jackson’s use of Etta James as a muse was inspired; her spirit infuses the work. Must reads include ‘Dear Ms. Etta James’ and the answering ‘Chile’ written in Etta’s voice, ‘The Women in Me’, and ‘Life is Like A Song’. Though like the complete and multi-character’d tale it is, What Yellow Sounds Like reads best from cover to cover.

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