Blogger on Books IV – Serving the Spirits

Actually, this one is a blast from Blogger on Books past. It’s also not a book but the August 2008 issue of Serving the Spirits: Women and Voodoo in Popular Culture *link doesn’t work any more; sorry*: cover

I’ll grant you this may not be every body’s cup of tea, given that the edition is dedicated to ‘Women and Voodoo’ but there are some interesting insights here (granted I skimmed some of the heavier pieces), including Kameelah Martin Samuel’s conversation with Jewell Parker Rhodes about her novels Voodoo Dreams, Voodoo Season and Yellow Moon (which introduced me to Marie Laveau, the real Voodoo priestess who inhabits this series).

There’s lots on the work of Zora Neale Hurston, of course, and some on other writers like Maryse Conde and Nalo Hopkinson (whose futuristic Brown Girl in The Ring incorporates Caribbean mysticism), and other reviews including one of Disney’s forthcoming Princess and the Frog film. In addition to the reviews, there are a number of creative pieces; including Sarah Bracey White’s The Wanderlust and Althea Romeo Mark’s Clippings (yeah, I have some pieces there too but there’s lots lots more to read, all reflections on a common theme). My favourite thing about this issue though is the art work of Holly Sarre (a painting of Laveau); follow the link and you’ll see more of her work including my favourite of what I’ve seen The City That Care Forgot. In fact, check out her entire Flood Series. Times like this I wish I had the money to be a serious art collector.

The main page of my Blogger on Books IV series can be found here. To check out my books and see what reviewers and readers have been saying about them, go here and here.

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